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Monday, September 29

"Toy Profile: Tigger"

Next one is also from the animated cartoon Pooh and Friends. His name is Tigger a happy and gay tiger that jumps around. This orange stuffed toy got a nasty history. It was in Tom's World Ever Gotesco Commonwealth I was really eager to get this toy. When the grabber get a hold of it and pulled up it bump to the holder and wiggled and drop it again then suddenly this kid bump me also and saying that he inserted a coin (which i know that you get another play if you pulled it up) while discussing with him why he do that he played it and get the toy (I really really wanted to spank the kid because of his action). So in other words he got the toy but this little kids who were there says its mine because of the exra game and the kid really does that. This kids get the toy and gave it to me. The kid culprit went to his sister and so to get straighten things I decided to talk to the sister. But what happens is that the sister did not scold his sibling instead she points at me and says that I'm the one who bullied her brother. What the...........! Just to end the discussion I said "whatever". So still I get the toy and gave to Maki.


"Toy Profile: Donkey"

Our next Toy Profile is Donkey. Donkey is a character in Pooh, I don't know his name there but we named him Donkey. This little stuffed is a very small toy that we got from Tom's world. I don't know many token we've spent just getting that little toy. But anyway Donkey is now a part of Maki's Toy Collections.


"Toy Profile: Squirt"

This is Squirt, a young spider and a character in a 3d animated cartoon title "Sunny Patch". This green toy has a special feature which Maki loves it. Squirt is half stuffed and half mechanical. The mechanical portion enables him to wiggles around and as he wiggles he talks "bugs away" and then laugh. Maki loves it when he wiggles. Squirt was also bought from a Duty Free Shop in Clarkfield, Pampanga in a very reasonable price. And this little spidy comes with a DVD, two episodes of the "Sunny Patch". Maki loves to watch the DVD.


"Toy Profile: B1 & B2"

B1 and B2, the twin! This two bunnies were bought from the Duty Free Shop in Clarkfield, Pampanga. As usual both are on sale so I bought them as present for Maki. Both are identical so we don't know how to differentiate them. As a result me and my wife decided to call them B1 and B2 if they're together but if alone it will always be called B1.


Thursday, September 25

"The Husband Store"

Readers I would like to share this story that I have read. I got this from one of my friends in tagged. So to whom ever this story came from I give credit to you.

For those who would and have read this story please digest. Ladies you may react and Gentlemen be as gentlemen as you are.

So the story goes ...


A store that sells husbands has just opened in New York City, where a woman may go to choose a husband. Among the instructions at the entrance is a description of ow the store operates. You may visit the store ONLY ONCE!

There are six floors and the attributes of the men increase as the shopper ascends the flights. There is, however, a catch . . .. you may choose any man from a particular floor, or you may choose to go up a floor, but you cannot go back down except to exit the building! So, a woman goes to the Husband Store to find a husband.

On the first floor, the sign on the door reads:
Floor 1 - These men have jobs and love the Lord.

The second floor sign reads:
Floor 2 - These men have jobs, love the Lord, and love kids.

The third floor sign reads:
Floor 3 - These men have jobs, love the Lord, love kids, and are extremely good looking. "Wow," she thinks, but feels compelled to keep going.

She goes to the fourth floor and sign reads:
Floor 4 - These men have jobs, love the Lord, love kids, are drop- dead good looking and help with the housework. "Oh, mercy me!" she exclaims, "I can hardly stand it!"
Still, she goes to the fifth floor and sign reads:
Floor 5 - These men have jobs, love the Lord, love kids, are drop- dead gorgeous, help with the housework, and have a strong romantic streak.
She is so tempted to stay, but she goes to the sixth floor and the sign reads:
Floor 6 - You are visitor 4,363,012 to this floor. There are no men on this floor. This floor exists solely as proof that women are impossible to please.
Thank you for shopping at the Husband Store. Watch your step as you exit the building, and have a nice day!

Please send this to all men for a good laugh and to all the women who can handle the truth!

Remember Greed is one of the seven deadly sins.

You have to learn to be grateful for what you have to get more. When you are ungrateful you end up with nothing.


"Maki on Digital Photo Frame?"

The good thing about modern technology is that you can create things out of something or out of nothing. Can you tell the difference if Maki's picture is actually the picture inside the Digital Photo Frame or is it not.

So... this is what Adobe Photoshop can do and it can really lessen the hassle of an artist. A simple this and that then viola!... you have your masterpiece.

I really love creating designs, paintings, drawings, sketches, etc. as long as it is a visual kind of arts. You can visit my other blog regarding my paintings, drawings, etc.

"Toy Profile: Mr. Kitty"

Toy Profile for today is Mr. Kitty. Mr. Kitty is a round stuffed toy good for pillow fight. Its tail is extend toward its head and sewn to make it as a handle. Mr. Kitty was bought from the duty free shop on sale. Maki plays with it and swings it around.


Wednesday, September 24

"Toy Profile: Teddy"

Our Toy Profile for today is Teddy which is what we normally call him. Teddy was first owned by my sister, I don't know where she get this. Teddy was first given to Maki during the time that Maki only had a few toys with him. So later on Teddy became one of Maki's collection of toys.


Tuesday, September 23

"Toy Profile: Stitch"

This is a series of profiling of Maki's acquired TOYS. Let's start with this first profile. His name is Stitch, since his name is Stitch on the movie Lilo & Stitch. This little stuffed toy was from my Tita, ... Tita Bivian. I got this from her when she came from Saipan (I think). It was way... way ... way... years ago. So now it's Maki's toy already.


"September 21... My Birthday"

September 21, the day I was born on this world. In the Philippines, September 21 is the anniversary of the declaration of Marshal Law... the Military rule. In our house... it is the declaration of Laundry Time. Yap! Laundry time. On my very special day I'm doing the laundry but of course I'm not doing it alone. This is their gift to me ........ hehehe........

Anyway since we don't have budget for the celebration of my birthday we decided to do the chores on that day.

While doing the laundry Maki was playing in his crib. Wrestling with Mickey Mouse.

On the afternoon we do our usual strolling and played at Tom's World. We stayed in the mall till 10 in the evening. Later on we went back home and spend the rest of my day playing with Maki.


"Strange and Weird TOYS!"

I don't know if my son is some kind of weird baby. You know why I think of it? Here's what I had observed. Maki would play with the usual toys, the stuffed ones, but when he got bored with it he would throw it out of his crib and grabbed his bib and play with it instead. He would also grab a paper and just swing it around and around. Weird ha! Here's another one. If his on his walker or crawling on the mat he would reach for the monobloc chair and play with it. He would push it back and forth just to make a moving sound. Isn't it weird?


"The Next Car Racer!"

My son, Maki behind the driving wheel. He really looks good on the wheel. I don't know if it is a Lamborghini or a Ferrari but what he loves is the color... it's yellow. I would imagine maybe twenty years from now he would be the next number one racer. I really would cross my fingers on that. But before anything else he should get his license first.


"This is what you call life ... TOYS!

Who in world would not love to have TOYS? Nobody! From young to old... from north pole to south pole... from east to west... from ancient to modern times... what ever kind of toy is it... everyone had experienced having and playing with TOYS.

In our part as new parents on this world and since Maki is our first son we really got excited and so eager to buy TOYS for Maki.

While strolling the mall and looking for a place to eat we passed this food chain and saw this kind of toy. The toy is really cute so we bought it and had our snack. With eagerness to see what would Maki's reaction we showed it to him. Maki was so amazed and very happy when we gave him the toy. He eventually grabbed it and held it closer as if he was going to kiss the toys.

The toy is a replica of a fish, a clown fish specifically. I don't know if it is based on the movie Finding Nemo but the color of the fish is yellow so I don't think that's Nemo.

If for adults luxury and money is life... for this little ones TOYS is their life .


"My Family"

This is my family! Me, my wife Angie, and our son Anarc Makisig or Maki for short. Look closer can you spot the difference? Well.... isn't it obvious! So much for that.

Anyway, this is what we do every weekend... family bonding. Stroll around the mall, eat (anything that could fit in our budget), look for clothes and apparel for us and for Maki (if we have extra cash), play in the arcade and get some toys (still it should be in our fix budget... hehehe).

If we're not strolling the mall well... we just stay in the house do the household chores and when we're done we play around with Maki together with his stuffed toys. If we got bored we watch TV or movies.


Thursday, September 11

"Grandparents Day"

Last Sunday is the "Grandparents Day". Our church made a little program for the grandparents during the Church Service. They lined up all the children in front of the altar facing the congregation and ask what they loved and liked about their grandparents. Most of them talked about how they were nourished and taken care; and some were thanking for the clothes that they grandparents gave them. After the presentation of the kids all grandparents including Maki's "Lolo and Lola" were called in front of the altar and were given a little token from the church. A mug with a message "Happy Grandparents Day".


"Giving Thanks for the Graces"

Giving thanks for the graces, stuff, and everything that God provides us is one thing that kids should learn in their early age. Well for my son . . . he actually give thanks for the grace in a very mime way.
It was after Sunday Church Service and we went to our favorite hang out . . . the mall. He really likes going to the mall, turning his head left and right looking for the bright lights. Sometimes he would climbed on top of like he was reaching for it.

Then we got to a food chain and had our snacks.


Wednesday, September 10

"Maki with Squirt"

A toy that giggles! That's squirt... my son's toy. I got the toy on sale on a duty free shop in Clarkfield Pampanga. At first I thought It was just a toy but when I tried to look at it closer it got something inside. So I asked for the crew to try it and I was amazed that it really giggles. And to my surprise it comes with a DVD, an animated movie which is one of the character is the toy. Nice ha!Now Maki watches the movie while playing with the toy. He loves to wrestle with it and his favorite thing to do with it ........... bite its legs. By the way Squirt is a spider and it got sound that says "bugs a way..."


"Our Cute Little One!"

Our cute little one! Anarc Makisig with his open polo .... looking like a teenage model already (I wonder.... hmm..... Ten months old already and so hyper active. He loves to climb up and pick up every thing. He sometimes swing around and around the things that he picks up.

Every Sunday after Church Service we go to this mall near in our place. Maki (that's what we call him) always make turns in looking all the lights and stuff that he sees. He even tries to reach for it and touch it. That's how active Maki is.

Wonder why he got a yellow pony on his head. His mom put it on because his hair is too long already and it irritates his face. We wanted to cut it off but his grandmas don't want to cut it off they say to wait after his birthday. We don't know but anyway mothers knows best. Hehehe.


Wednesday, September 3

"Demo Look-a-like Meter"

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