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Monday, September 29

"Toy Profile: Tigger"

Next one is also from the animated cartoon Pooh and Friends. His name is Tigger a happy and gay tiger that jumps around. This orange stuffed toy got a nasty history. It was in Tom's World Ever Gotesco Commonwealth I was really eager to get this toy. When the grabber get a hold of it and pulled up it bump to the holder and wiggled and drop it again then suddenly this kid bump me also and saying that he inserted a coin (which i know that you get another play if you pulled it up) while discussing with him why he do that he played it and get the toy (I really really wanted to spank the kid because of his action). So in other words he got the toy but this little kids who were there says its mine because of the exra game and the kid really does that. This kids get the toy and gave it to me. The kid culprit went to his sister and so to get straighten things I decided to talk to the sister. But what happens is that the sister did not scold his sibling instead she points at me and says that I'm the one who bullied her brother. What the...........! Just to end the discussion I said "whatever". So still I get the toy and gave to Maki.

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