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Wednesday, October 15

"Maki's First Hair Cut"

Last Sunday after church service we went to Trinoma to look for a salon for kids. Luckily we found one, the "CUTS for TOTS". So we went in and found a lot of kids also having their hair done. Maki's attention were with the toys, a lot of toys. My wife inquired for hair cut and we were ask if it's Maki's first hair cut and we said yes so they offered us if we wanted to have a certificate of Maki's first hair cut, we kind of hesitate at first because of price but hey what the heck it's Maki's first. So we decided to have him a certificate but we will be getting it two weeks after. By the way the certificate includes Maki's picture before and after together with a pieces of his hair.

The hair stylist had a hard time cutting Maki's hair. But not only the hair stylist also their staff who took the pictures.

After the long hours of taking his pictures, cutting and shampooing his hair at last it finished with a nice and well trimmed hair plus a little gel to get it in style.

Well the cost of his hair cut is nothing compared to how he looks and his first experience.

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