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Tuesday, May 12

"Daily Happenings!"

There is nothing much to tell tonight. I just made my trip back home early and not the usual Wednesday trip. With no vehicle going to Manila I have to take the bus. I decided to take 5 Star because it got TV on board but I was disappointed that they don’t play any movie at all. Anyway may be next time.

I arrived at Manila around 7:30 pm, rode the jeep bound to SM Fairview. It was just the usual plain and nothing extraordinary ride back home. I stopped by at Ever Commonwealth and bought a “pasalubong” (present).

I arrived home and Maki was so busy playing with laundry basket as if it is a big car that he is pushing around the house. And he also makes a sound. So when I came in Maki approached me “mano” (blessed) and kissed me. Haayyyyy! The perks of having a son! Then we had our dinner!

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