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Thursday, May 21

"Reviewing Websites : The Marble City Company"

I remember the day that we started constructing our little house. The house is just small and it is just like a duplex, it is attached to the main house of Mom and Pop. We designed and colored it the way we wanted it. Of course it is bluer than blue!

When it is finished we were so busy planning and thinking on what to put in it. We bought blue vinyl tiles for the floor and it was so cool. We painted the walls light blue just like the sky and on the kitchen, since it is small, we bought a small sink and put granite tops like tiles on it. Simple and looks elegant.

There is a website that offers a real granite tops that are really simple and elegant. The Marble City Company is the site where you can find it. The site is easy to find and can easily view the designs and styles that you want. They may even advise you on what is the best granite tops for your house.

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