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Friday, June 26

"Michael Jackson"

At the age of 50 the king of pop had died this morning. He died of cardiac arrest. Another known icon had marked their name on the obituary.

I remember when I was still young, I used to listen to one of his best and top hits music the "Thriller". It sure hit the spot and even the moves and choreography was followed and dance by so many dancers. Also who would not know the moonwalk which was introduced by Michael Jackson. Man, those are the days and now all the people (maybe not all)in the world are very sorry for his death.

Still he made a legacy and history. History of a black man evolving himself to become white and history of glamor and scandal.

Now, record bars are for sure will earn double this month! News says that a lot of people are buying cd's and albums of Michael Jackson.

For the king of pop... salute!


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