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Monday, June 8

"Union Bank EON Card"

Today, I took a half day work just to get my Union Bank EON Card. I got at the bank at around past 2 PM. I went straight to the customer service and got my EON Card. Now I can get my money from

So, after I got the card I went straight back to our House. Switch on my PC and logged onto the web. Go to paypal and started to transfer some funds but still I wasn't able to do the cashout. There are few problems that I couldn't figure out. I got three pointers, "whats the bank code?", "how will I lift my limit?", and "how will I be able to transfer amount from my paypal to eon card?"

Thank God two of the three questions were answered. The bank code, I tried to look at the website of Unionbank and the limit.  I'll just have to wait.  Any time now I'll be having my money.  Thank God!

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