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Friday, July 31

"Missing My Son on Friday Night"

Today is Friday and I was supposed to be travelling bound to Manila right now but eventually work calls. Whether I like it or not we have to work tonight to finish some documents needed on Monday. Plus we have a Medical Mission tomorrow at Dinalupihan, Bataan.

I wonder what is Maki doing tonight and what he will do tomorrow? I hope that he won't get any bruises again. Last week he charged the wall like a bull, well of course he cried out loud. I just hushed him and showed his favorite show Barney.

I just hope that the Medical Mission finish early tomorrow.



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  2. I am sorry. I hate it when work calls and interferes with family. Try to have a good weekend.

  3. Hi Bro, hope u had a fruitful day with the med mission...

    btw bro, thanks for being one of my top 10 ec droppers... hope to see u again next month... God bless!

    linky lovin for show my appreciation..

  4. yeah gramps work really spoils all your family plans.

    thanks reyapot! the med mission was a very tiring day! Anyway I got my pain reliever... my son Maki!


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