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Wednesday, July 29

"Playing with Your Toddler"

What do you always do whenever you come home from work? Me, I play with my kid. I make sure that I get a time to play with my kid. At least an hour is okay but eventually Maki wouldn't let me go until he falls asleep.

Playing with your kid and having some time with him or with them (if you have more than one kid) is a good way to communicate with them. Like for me I'm not always at home, I only have time with him on weekends and on Wednesday nights. Why? Because I work far from Manila, I work in Pampanga and especifically Clark. I stay there during weekdays. So having time with my kid is very important to me, his my energy booster. He always keeps me rejuvenated whenever I came from work, tired and stressed.

Playing with them also makes them feel much closer to you and aside from that you can also teach them a lot of things. Like Maki he can already hold the pen as if he can really write like a grown up though all his writings were scribbles. I just hope that he'll love art also, just like his dad.

Right now as I'm writing these blog post my son had fall asleep holding his pen and writing board. So I'll better get already before he hurt himself. Good night!

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