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Wednesday, October 7

"Caring for Your Toddlers Teeth"

Teeth are what completes our mouth. Without our teeth there won't be grinding and munching of foods. So teeth are essential and it should be taken care. Brushing is the best line of defense against tartar, gingivitis, lose of teeth, and many others.

On our sons case, before we bought a soft bristled tooth brush that can be put on your index finger so you could brush your child's teeth. It's really hard brushing your child's teeth or tooth especially when his gums are getting itchy for the upcoming tooth. My wife alway complains about her finger bitten by Maki. Later on we bought a small toothbrush for Maki. Teaching him to brush his own teeth. Since his age mimics everything that he sees, we shows him how we brush our teeth so he could mimic what we are doing. When it comes in adding toothpaste, Maki always sip and taste the toothpaste.

Well, teaching Maki how to brush his teeth really takes time and it should be done little by little in his own capacity and time. Forcing him would only give trauma and a bad experience. So we'll just make feel that we were just playing.

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