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Saturday, October 24

"Highlights of Maki's Birthday"


Started the day at 6:00 AM (I think! I was still sleepy then.) Of course before anything else I did all my online chores (just to make sure I won't neglect any online activity and of course earnings). Prepared the giveaways and toys for the games (pabitin and everything). Cleaned the house (of course the usual thing that we Filipino do especially on Saturdays). Cleared some spaces for the children's party. We're expecting a lot of kids today I think Mommy said it's around 50 kids. While Mommy and Lola Lolit went to the market to buy ingredients for the spaghetti (my favorite) and others stuff, Maki and I prepare the place and had a little fun with his toy car.

Last Minute Buying

Buying Maki's Cake at Goldilocks (we should have a discount card for this).
Buying CD-R for recording music needed (the PC's speaker was broken so we decided to improvise)
Buying Maki's Chair (out of the plan).

The Party

Kids started showing up one by one and before we start the program the venue were crowded already (maybe we will get a bigger venue next time).



  1. oct 24 birthday son mo? my first born is October 24 din :)

  2. yes mommy pehpot! It's Oct 24 kaya lahat ng bansa nagsasaya sa kaarawan nila. LOL!


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