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Wednesday, January 20

"Changing Lanes"

Have you seen the movie "Cars"? Me I have seen it a hundred times. My son, Maki always watch it. So for those who haven't seen it, it's about a story of a race car, of course they're all 3d animation created by Pixar Animation Studios and Disney.


There's one scene that reminds me of what I'm thinking right this very moment. The scene was when Lightning McQueen (the main character) was in the truck called Mac and they were travelling in an expressway. Mac was very sleepy that time because McQueen wanted to get to their destination as early as possible. Mac was so tired and sleepy that when the riders saw him they dozed him with a mellow music that put him to sleep. While on sleep, the riders play around with him making him change his lane and run into a bumpy road. With this, McQueen at the back of the truck, the door got open causing McQueen to be rolled out and left in the expressway. Mac the truck dozed off and went back to his lane without knowing that McQueen was left behind.

Now, what do I want to express? Well we all sometimes like Mac, there are times that we change lanes without noticing it because we got comfortable of our situation. Too comfortable that we sometimes left important things unnoticed. We need to change lanes sometimes but never left things behind especially the important ones.

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