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Sunday, January 3

"Comparing Your Preschooler with Others"

Another article from the just came into my email ad. This time it's about "Comparison", comparison among other preschoolers.

According to the article parents shouldn't compare their preschoolers with his playmates. At their age they develop in different ways, some focus on motor skills and some on their language skills. If you have doubts on the development of your child be sure to mention it to his doctor.

In our son's case, Maki haven't pronounce a two syllable word, it's always the end syllable that his pronouncing. But what good about him is his ability to like puzzles. So the article is right about the development thing. They do vary in different ways and also in different stages. We just make sure that we always check it if his on the right stage of his development. But sometimes it's so tempting to compare your son with other especially when they get together. So I'll just follow the article and stop comparing him to other kids. So parents try to focus on your son!

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