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Wednesday, February 24

"Tips on Going Out"

This simple tips will help parents dealing with their kids/toddlers during outing, family affair, church service, dinner at the restaurant, and others. As we all know kids/toddlers are very active, observant, playful, and adventurous. They climb up through things, run around the area, and touch or pick up anything that they can reach. Keeping them busy is for sure a milestone especially if your talking with someone.

Here are some tips that you can do to keep your kids/toddlers busy even for a few minutes.

Always bring toys. Bring his most loved toys. At least he will be kept busy playing with his toy.

Bring pen and paper. If your kids/toddlers love to write, draw and scribble it's the best thing to bring with you a pen/pencil and paper/notebook or some crayons and coloring books. Keeping them busy will let you do your activity.

Biscuits or snacks. This one is the best. Just teach your kids/toddlers not to talk when their mouth is full. This is best if your activity or appointments don't involve food. Just be sure to bring along his milk or drinking water.

PSP, MP4, and other gadgets. Since we're in the age of gadgets and electronics you might as well consider this gadgets with you. Just make sure to load it up with your kids/toddlers favorite show, cartoons, or movies. For sure they will just sit down quietly while watching.

So these are just some of the tips that I can share when you and you're family are going out. If you have any other ideas fell free to comment and share your thoughts. Good day!

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