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Sunday, March 14

"Daddy Day Care : Visit to Raphael 2"

Since my post with the Daddy Day Care : Visit to Raphael was not that really long and details here's the long story of the day and some pictures.

That day was very tiring. I could still feel all the aches that I get from that day. Muscles and joints were all a little bit numb but the aches are terrible. I think I should get a very relaxing massage... hehehe that is if I have that much money to be luxurious. But anyway a little bit of exercise will perhaps shakes my muscles and joints a little.

So here's how the day goes. We prepared at around 3 AM. Take note it's 3 AM with a bold letter and I think I slept at around 1 AM. Just two hours sleep. We left my in-laws house at around 4 AM and we got to the bus terminal at around 5 AM. We waited for almost 2 hours before the bus left the terminal. So the sun was already shining when we left for Laguna. Since most of us were still sleepy (I think), we're all asleep while cruising along the province of Rizal. I woke up at the boundary of Rizal and Laguna. The road were winding like a zigzag and the two kids, Ryan and Rain, were already dizzy. After another few winding roads the two kids vomit. Good thing we brought some plastic bags. The road to Raphael was very long and winding but seeing Raphael together with the kids is really worth it.

When we got there in Laguna at Felisa's Father's house, Raphael, Rain and Maki was all quiet. Perhaps they're just adjusting themselves because this is the first time that they have seen Raphael with a fully operated lips. Yes! Raphael's cleft lip was already operated. They still have to wait for the operation of the inner part. It was a blessing and something to be thankful to GOD.

Afternoon, we went swimming in the river far from their place I think it's a good scenic spot. Many the people there love to go swimming in that place. It's wide river seeing the wide range of the remnants of the river flow. There are some parts that are more than one story deep. I checked one area and it was really deep. I didn't go way deeper because I'm not that familiar of the place. I'm just keeping it safe. Since we got some kids with us we just enjoyed ourselves in the shallow area of the river where kids can splash around and play. This is Maki's first time to bath and swim in the river. I think he enjoyed it! We all had a great fun though the road to and from that place was so steep that we have to go down to push the tricycle. Tricycle is really not a good vehicle to go there. You really needed a very strong four-wheeled vehicle. Anyway we got through it and got home safe.

It was almost midnight when we got home. We really have to endure the winding roads and the time of travel. The good thing to be thankful to God is that we all enjoyed and got back home safe and sound.

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