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Sunday, April 11

Daddy Day Care : Sports Fest

I was supposed to post this yesterday but because of body aches I wasn't able to write any article.  Yesterday was a fun filled day for our family.  The church held a sports fest.  Though we came late, still, we had a great time.   After long years of not playing basketball, I was forced to play yesterday as a result body aches and muscle pain.  And the worst of all I didn't even get score.  Anyway maybe there will another time.   For Maki this was his first time to see me play basketball that's why he chased me while playing.   Maki had his fun but after a few hours of playing, running around, chasing with Ate Lanie and his Lolo, got him tired.  I think he was already sleepy but couldn't sleep because of the fun things happening around him.   The whole event wasn't finished yet when we left.  Maki fell asleep already.  We got home tired and sleepy.

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