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Thursday, April 1

Penitence... Sacrifices... Crucifixion


During Holy Week you'll see streets with devotee whipping themselves as a form of their penitence, some carry crosses, and sometimes others let themselves be crucified on a cross just like Jesus Christ. I'm sure during this week people intend to do sacrifices and other form of penitence to cleanse and wash their sins just like what Jesus Christ has done, he suffered and died for us.

I just wanted to shares what I have observed last during this week. I know some people will react on this but it is just an observation. It was Holy Tuesday, while driving back to our staff house after our field work I noticed this people whipping and slashing themselves. I don't know what it is but the man is really getting hurt, on the other side of the street there were man carrying a cross, and another pair not far from the group. I noticed that they were lighting something. I thought it was a torch but when I see that the man inhaled and exhaled some smoke, well I know you can guess what is that. They were smoking. I'm sure they were part of the group.

Now, what's my point? The point is that penitence and sacrifices are ought to be done without the luxury of getting relieved. Your sacrificing because of a cause and you're supposed to be serious about that. Making your relieved of the pain caused by your sacrifices forfeits the purpose. Besides we're not supposed to do this things anymore because Jesus Christ had already done this things so that we are save from sins. All we need to do is to acknowledge that we are all sinners and we should accept Christ as our God and savior.

Sacrifices are good especially when it is for a cause but crucifying yourself and inflicting wounds to yourself, well I don't know about that. This is my observation and my Idea. Jesus Christ loves us very much!

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