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Saturday, April 3

The Seven Last Words

As I remember, that was before we became part of the United Methodist Church, going to church and listening to the "Seven Last Words" was a bit different.  The usual ambiance of like there's someone has died lurks the surroundings.  Everything was so pale.  Maybe because of the time that they pattern to Jesus Christ's crucifixion. I really don't know!  All I know is that the seventh word always ends at 3:00 PM,  IT IS FINISHED!

As a kid going to church always turns out to be a dull moment of my life.  Every thing was like a slow motion picture.  The ticking of the clock turns out like hours before it ticks again especially when the priest preach like Kuya Cesar (a radio announcer who speaks very slow).  That was the days before we became Christians.

Now, every years Seven Last Words was like a wrap gift it delivers different messages every time it was preach at the pulpit.  It is never the same as before.


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