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Sunday, June 27

Daddy Day Care : Father & Son Bonding

Yesterday, Mommy attended their High School Reunion so half of the day will be bonding time for Maki and I. While mommy is having fun with her old schoolmates, Maki and I are having fun strolling around at SM North Mall. So what did we do at the mall? Well, we played at the arcade, Maki ride all the cars and other moving rides, and of course his favorite shoot and jackpot where you earn tickets. We did get tickets but it's only for a lesser prize of toys and candies.

world of fun

We had our dinner at Chow King and we tried the "Orange Chicken Lauriat". Maki love to eat the noodles (pancit) but he didn't like the chicken.

chowking delivery
orange chicken

After our dinner we spend most of time playing in the arcade. Then we waited for mommy at the sky garden. Maki and I where already exhausted but it was fun.

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