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Monday, June 28

Monday Rush : Jeepney

Jeepney is the very popular public utility vehicle here in the Philippines. It is the cheapest way to travel and it is also the most accessible. Jeepney has been a Philippine trade mark. Though the jeepneys are all looks the same it varies according to drivers.

There are different types of jeepney drivers. There are those who feels they are in a car race, they love the feel and the excitement of raging like a bull on the road. There are those who's just a safety first drivers, they run their jeepney's at normal speed and they make sure that their passengers did get to their destinations in time. And there are also who ride their jeepneys like they are just strolling around and always stops on what he thought potential passengers. These are the kinds of jeepney drivers. You'll meet them everyday if you're a frequent traveler and a commuter.

So which driver do you like?

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