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Saturday, June 19

Things To Do During the Rainy Season

It's already rainy season and most of the time parents tend to keep their kids inside the house to avoid colds , flu and other diseases.  So in other words kids are confined in the four corners of the house.  Many parents struggle on keeping their kids inside the house.  So what can parents do?  There are things that parents can do to make their stay inside the house more fun and less tantrums.

Story Telling.  This can keep kids busy listen and responding to your stories.
Action Song.  Pick a CD or music that has an action song.  This will not only keep them alive and active but will keep their mind off on going outside.
Painting and Drawing.  Aside from enjoying the fun of creating figures and coloring objects, this activity will enhance your child's imagination.
Watch Movies for Kids.  I know that watching TV is not a good just don't do this very often.  Make sure that your kids are watching the right show or movie for them.
Role Playing.  One of the best activity inside the house is role playing I'm sure your kids will love this, especially if you pretend that your an animal and your kids are riding at your back.  A sure hit for the kids.

So this are some of the activities that you and your kids can enjoy inside the house during the rainy season.  Aside from these you can also create your own fun and exciting activities.

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