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Monday, July 26

Monday Rush : Traffic Before SONA

As early as 5:00 AM, I think, north bound lane of Commonwealth Ave were already closed and vehicles are rerouted to take counterflow on the south bound lane.   Before 6:00 AM when I'm on my way to work there's a slight traffic along the said avenue.  Not only that, people rallying are also adding up to the cause of traffic.  I'm just thankful that I'm just in time.

SONA! Hhhmmmm!  State of the Nation Address, stating to the people of the Philippines about the situation of the entire country.  As for PNoy right now, he'll be addressing what was left by the previous president and what is his plan for the development of the country (I think).  Anyway will just have to wait and listen to what his going to tell us during the SONA.

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