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Monday, July 12

Monday Rush : Virus Attack

Now my Monday Rush is quite different and this is something that PC owners don't want to happen to them. So this is the Monday Rush!

Last night my computer just went berserk! Popping up different dialog boxes informing me that my computer is infected with a virus. The virus was trojan type that collects informations like passwords. I hate that when it happens! After that first pop up... boom all software applications went disabled. I tried to figure out how to removed that virus but it seems that its beyond my capability and the only resort I know was to reformat the hard drive. After few more minutes of figuring out I came up to a decision to... REFORMAT. Ahhhhh! Bad... bad... very bad!

I really don't know where it came from but prior last I noticed that PC's running is quite slower than the usual though I was only using one application. My wife told me that she was able to click a link from her email from a known website but with no subject title and only the link is the only content. My suspicion is that link.

So with the reformatting of the PC all files were removed and all the softwares... well... I have to reinstall everything back again. For now, I was able to reinstall the MS Office and the rest when I got back home. This really caused trouble!

Also, early today the internet connection in our office gone nuts. It opens only few sites. I don't know what's happening but it really hampers things. Until this time the connection is still abnormal. I just hope that everything will went well later this days.

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