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Wednesday, September 29

Never Give Up

Well we always strive in our life, we always want to get what we deserve, and we dearly pray for what our hearts desire.  But sometimes there are things that hinders us from gaining what we want and what is ought for us.  We thought it will be but only to find out false perception.  Things in this world are indescribable and uncomprehending.  Our thoughts are limited.  What makes us human is our perseverance and faith.  We never give up no matter what are the challenges.  Events may put us to the ground but we never stop getting up again.   Let the storm pour down and soon the sun will come out.

Tuesday, September 28

Maki Learns To Brush Alone

From the beginning that Maki has grown his teeth, we have taught him how to brush.  At the start we only do the brushing while instructing him to show his teeth.  It was a good start but of course Maki is still a kid and what taste good for him he swallows it.  Maybe that's why manufacturers of toothpaste made it taste so good that people will love brushing their teeth, especially the little ones.  Later on we are guiding him to do the brushing, that's to let him feel how to brush his teeth.   Then comes the hardest part... teaching him to spit out the end product of the toothpaste and the brushing plus the water that wash it.   At first there were no end product because everything goes to the tammy.  A good way to recycle and conserve water. LOL!

Right now, Maki already knows how to brush his teeth and of course we're still guiding him.  What really makes us proud is that he is actually the one who is getting the toothbrush and the toothpaste.  And sometimes he would say that it's time to brush his teeth.   Sometimes he would go to the extent of getting the chair and placing it in front of the sink.  Good thing that he learns this at his early age.

So did your kid brush their teeth today?

Bed Time Wish

This post brought to you by PlayStation(R) Move. All opinions are 100% mine.

Maki and I really love to play games. We always have our bonding moment in front of the computer. We play games not too much because we don’t want Maki to expose himself on the computer screen. After the computer games bed time play follows and then stories. That is our routine every night that I’m at home.

I just found out that Sony PlayStation has a new addition to their PlayStation family. It’s called PlayStation(R)MOVE. I did check their website for the features. By just watching the video clip I can say that I am really moved by that new gaming gadget. I could now imagine the time that we will be spending with that new gadget. Maki will sure enjoy playing with it, waving his hands, jumping around, and perhaps scribbling. The movement is not limited because it can detect your every action and even the single twitch of your wrist. I’m sure bed time will be extended.

If we’re going to have this we sure would love to play Mario Brothers, Sonic the Hedgehog, and other child-friendly games. That’s if Maki is around but if I’m alone or with my wife I would like to play Fight Nights, Halo, and other action pack games. I’m sure this is really fun.

Since Christmas is near Maki and I will just pray that someone will give it as a gift. Or we will settle with a PlayStation 3 and we will just have to buy the PlayStation Move bundle package for only $99. Or if that person is generous enough maybe the whole bundle including the PS3 system. Isn’t that great! So we will be adding this on our list this Christmas.
Play Station Move

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Sunday, September 26

Adgitize Campaign!

What makes a simple blog come alive?  First is the blog design, second is the blog content, and third is the traffic.  Yes traffic!  Hundreds of blogs are being created everyday.  Imagine how can a simple blog excel on top of those hundreds of blogs?  Well there are lots of solution and one of them is  Since I joined this site it has given me enough traffic for my site everyday and some money for my family's expenses.    Yes a little extra income for our expenses.  As you can see on the image below I have given a testimony about how great this site is.
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Blog"s New Look & Name

At last after a few months of thinking, contemplating, and visualizing on what will be the look of this blog, I finally created the new look.  It's somewhat the same with the recent one, I just made some few changes on the header and some on the body of the blog.  I also manage to put some of the images in my paid hosting account.  I still stick with the old grey, orange and blue color set up.

It was also due to my exceeded free account in photobucket that made me decide to change some of the outlook.  Perhaps if I distribute some of the images in different hosting I think there will be no more messages of bandwidth limit exceeded.  It really does makes my blog bare when all the images suddenly went off.
Another thing that I change here is the header name, though it was more than two years that I have been using the header name Yashiro I find it bare and lacking with just that name.  It's more of a big question mark whenever people visit this blog.  Yashiro what?  So to give emphasize and a little bit of zest I decided to rename it as YASHIRO'S JOURNAL.  Now with a more direction on about what is the blog.  So maybe this blog will be branded enough.  

What do you think?

Saturday, September 25

Daddy Day Care : Maki Talkative

Since Maki started talking, I have noticed that everyday Maki is getting more talkative.  He would always ask "Mommy/Daddy what's this?" and if you answer he would reply "ah".  Sometimes he would even talk to his toys as if they were responding to him.  Kids this age are really getting very imaginative and he got lots words coming out from his lips.  Sometimes we are just in awe whenever we hear new words from him.

We just make sure that we would always talk to him before we sleep.  Mommy would always ask him what he did during the day.  If there are no significant events Mommy would just let him introduce all his toys.  That makes him very talkative.

The whole we just have some talks and explaining.  Right now he is asking what am I doing and if I am finished already.  I just told him that I'm writing about him being talkative.

What is it feels like talking to your kid almost the whole day?


Friday, September 24

Hot Wheels Pocket Size

hot wheels pocket size

Since Maki and I love cars, here's something that is cool for fathers and son because hot wheels has created something that is remote control. Yup! Hot Wheels created something that is not die cast, it's plastic, it's RC, pocket size, and cool.

Right now there are only two designs were created. I don't know if there will be more designs will be made. Maybe it's only there test if it will click in the market. The toy is cool and I just don't know if it is already available here in the Philippines. If you want to see them in action just visit this link hotwheels. The toy cost only $25.

If Dads are eager to find one of these hot wheels just check them out online.

So how's that for a gift?



Thursday, September 23

Exceeded Bandwith

As you can see most of the images and design of this blog shows banners of showing that I have already exceeded the maximum bandwidth limit of a free member for the month.  According to they will restore all my images middle of October when my bandwidth reset to zero.  That will be long!  I know for sure that some of you who are visiting this blog are already annoyed by the banner.  This weekend I'll be transferring the host of all of this images to my hosted account, hoping that I could finished it during the weekend.  Maybe I can now change some of the designs while tweaking it.  So better wait and just ignore the banners.


Tuesday, September 21


Well... today is my BIG DAY! Big day means it's my day, the day I was born and the day I came to be.  There are a lot of things to be thankful today.  I'm very much thankful that He has given me  a blessed year and another year for more blessings to shower. Well we are truly not getting any younger and there's no such thing as fountain of youth.  The only thing that matters is the things that we have done and the legacy we left behind.  

The celebration is not much, just a simple family movie date. We did watch a movie which we think Maki would appreciate and he did appreciate it.  After that, a little cake to share and a prayer for today.  A bunch of greetings from friends and families from online and offline, from text messages and personal greetings.  I think all the greetings and prayers are best gift ever, I could not imagine the blessings that will shower for my next year in this world.

I can proudly say that this is my age and I'm still on the calendar. LOL!  I can still do more things.

So this is what happened to me today on my very BIG DAY.   How about you?  What have you done today?


Monday, September 20

Monday Rush : Day Before My Day

Rushing for things that I should do before I leap into another year in my life. I just find it difficult to do a lot of things and my time is not that enough to do them all. It will just a few minutes more and I'll be heading into another year which I am thankful to the Lord.

Not much to write for now, tired and sleepy already. Must have enough rest and strength for the big day tomorrow. I just don't know what will be the blessings will come.

How about you have you count your blessings?


Sunday, September 19

Sunday Message : Gifts of The Holy Spirit

Today's message was all about the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. There were nine Gifts of the Holy Spirit. The message mainly revolves how the Holy Spirit works and how each of the nine gifts works in every Christian. There were only four of them were shared today and the others will be continued next Sunday. I will make sure that we get to church on Sunday.

So what were the four gifts discussed today? They were the Gift of Wisdom, Knowledge, Faith, and Healing. Each of them were explained and made examples of events that had happened this past few days in order for the people to understand it clearly. The Gift of Wisdom is about knowing what to do in certain situation guided by the Holy Spirit. The Gift of Knowledge is about learning through experience. The Gift of Faith is more of about trusting God. The Gift of Healing which is about how we are channeled by the power of God through healing.

This Gifts all came from God which we Christians should use to glorify and be witnesses of God grace, love, and power.

What's God's message in your church today?


Saturday, September 18

Daddy Day Care : Play In The House

Saturday, not much money, and I feel kind of tired during the whole week of work and stress. So what we did today is just stay in the house. We got bonding moments after I finished my online chores. While Mommy is washing the clothes, I'm busy doing my online activities, and Maki is playing with her Ate Lanie.

Maki got this ranger car which was a gift to him. It's not remote control but it is big. Maybe it's because a lot of kids here in our place pulling a toy car with a string and that's what's his playing the whole day. I think his Lolo did that, though the string attached to it is not actually a string but some sort of bids put together. Anyway what's fun about it is that Maki run around the house pulling his toy car. There was an instance that the tires gone off and still he was pulling it as if it was still complete. Of course I did try to fix it. He was playing with that until tonight.

Another thing that he did today is climb up and down. Not on trees of chairs but on me, he would hold my hands and started raising his feet, stepping upwards. Whew! That was pretty neat exercise. Parents should try that. LOL! That's Maki's favorite thing to do, climb up with matching sticking his tongue out like Michael Jordan. I think I should enroll him to a wall climbing group or activity.

Tonight after he was washed by her Ate Lanie we still did some few playing around the bed. Later on when he really feels that he was really sleep, he climbed up to me and lean on my shoulder, then poof his now asleep. I think his pretty tired already that he and his Mommy wasn't able to do their bed time routine.

So how was your kids doing today?


Friday, September 17

Thomas Board Game

thomas board game

There's something new at Toy Kingdom and this is one of them the Thomas Board Game. I think preschoolers will love this board games not only that it's Thomas but also its a game that kids will surely develop while playing. I have read that during the age of two to three years old kids are starting to develop their cognitive and board games are one of them can help.

So if you're getting another toy for your kid give him something that he can enjoy and at the same time learn from it. In that way he be something because of that development.


Wednesday, September 15

A Vacation In My Dream

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Kissimmee Tourism. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have never been to any place abroad nor any foreign land for some reasons.  I don't know much of any places aside from where I was born but reading through books and searching the internet helps me find places that I wanted to be.  I have relatives abroad and some of them had gone already to places that I only enjoyed in my dream.  A dream vacation that can only exist in the future... near future.

I have always noticed "kissimmee" in some of the ads on the internet.  I thought it was only a term.  I got curious, so I tried to look at it, browsed the internet, and found the answer.  It's a place in Florida, USA.  I did try to look what's so special about Kissimmee, Florida aside from being a part of USA.  My eyes glared in amazement because this Kissimmee place is just right next to some of the places that I wanted to visit.  The Disney World Orlando, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld!  Wow!  Since I was a kid I dreamed of going to Disney World and Universal Studios.  If I get a chance to visit Kissimmee, Florida, USA I'll definitely visit those three first but of course I need to stay in motel or hotel.  I think I'll try to stay at Goldstar Inn and Suites located at 4600w Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy
Kissimmee, FL 34746. It is the cheapest rate and I don't have much money for accommodation and lodging.

I am planning to have a whole week plan for this dream vacation. Once I have settled on the hotel my first day of cruise will start the following day. I'll start first with SeaWorld which I'm sure I'll be enjoying it the whole day. Second day will be spent in Universal Studios. Third and Fourth day will be for Disney World in which I will surely enjoy roaming around it. While the rest of the week will be spent for site seeing of other places and shopping. Well that's all my dream vacation. I just pray that it will come soon.

If you want to enjoy your dream vacation visit here Kissimmee and have your vacation unforgettable.

Visit my sponsor: What's Your Kissimmee Story?


Tuesday, September 14

Malware Detected?

Alert! "Warning MALWARE detected!" Just a message that we don't want to get, especially in our blogs.  This is just the message that we often get when our blogsite is compromised with malwares.  Though the one that hit this blog was only an element from where the real malware is hosted, still, a red tag is a red tag and most bloggers avoid sites with this warnings.

Yes! This blog last week was detected with an element of a malware from where it is hosted and it did shows the red tag above.  If you're using Google Chrome this red tag will show up to your screen before it opens the link with a red tag.  In other words this red tag warns you if the site you're visiting is hosting a malware.  At first I was shocked because this was the second time that a blog of mine is marked with that red tag.  The first one was  my paid website which made me accidentally deleted my back up and now here.  Good thing that I tried to be calm and get to troubleshoot this site.  Since I noticed that it was only an element, I thought first of checking on Google if my site is really inflicted with a malware.  The good news is that it is negative but the bad news is that I can't seems to access my blog.  So with this I tried to locate the main source of the problem by reading the warning.  By checking it thoroughly I finally realize that this might be some of the links at the side bar so I tried to remove first everything on the side and when the warning didn't appear, it was a sigh to know that the blog is in good and safe condition.  So one by one I placed back the links and widget with a little twist in everything until I find the culprit of the red tag.  It was the widget for the entrecard popularity.  I did clean the blog and it is running pretty well now.  I just hope it won't happen again.

How about you have you experienced something like this?


Monday, September 13

Monday Rush : Maki Visit's Pedia

I wasn't able to go to work today.  Mommy has already got lots of absences and leaves because of taking care of Maki whenever our Nanny is not around or sick.  It's about time that I took a day off to take care of Maki while he is sick.  That's something that at least a daddy could do for his son and his wife, though mommy took undertime and we bring Maki to his pedia.  This is just to make sure that he get a check up and to find out if he got any symptoms of dengue.  Good thing that his okay and his pedia instructed that if he still got fever tomorrow, just to be sure he'll blood will be tested.  For now Maki is okay except for his cough, a dry cough.  He was given also medicine for his cough.


Sunday, September 12

Verse for Today

“Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!” (Philippians 4:4)

Here's something to meditate today.  Rejoice in the Lord always!  We often forget to make rejoices to the Lord and commonly we rejoice because of something good that happened to us.   By rejoicing we acknowledge that God is above us all and he is the God of our life.


Fever Weekend

Though the weekend was long because of the holiday last Friday, still, it feels like I haven't got any good rest.  Maki was ill during this weekend.   Maki has a fever and he really is not feeling good during past two days.  I thought we're going to have a good weekend, then again we still try to bond together.  

Though Maki has a fever his hyperactivity does not wear off.  If he feels a little bit good he'll be as active as he can be and then rest again once he feels bad.  Another good thing is that Maki always drinks a lot of water so his  fever easily wear off.   

We make sure that we constantly monitor his fever so if we find any indications of "dengue" will rush him to the doctor.  Good thing that there's no indications were seen.  But we still look after him.


Saturday, September 11

Halloween Costumes Anybody!

In our family we never celebrate or have parties during Halloween. There were no trick or treats and halloween costumes, only booing and scary stuff. We're just contented of some spooky and scary stories from the old folks of the town or just watch scary/horror movies. That's our routine and that's what we do.

Now a days, Adult and kids are enjoying the fun and parties during Halloween. People get dress with something different, a costume if you would say. Many of them get busy looking for different costumes. Wanting to be the best costume bearer during the night. Of course they will have to go with the hassle of looking around in every mall and department store or they can just design their own costumes. That's the hassle about it.

Hassles are get rid today because of the presence of the internet and it is one of the good things this days. Buying things are much simpler and easier. Just a click of a button, wait for a few days or weeks, right in front of your doorstep or from a pick up point you'll get what you buy from the internet. That's what you call hassle-free internet shopping. Just like what the Costume Cauldron Store did, they have read the minds of their customers. They wanted them to shop the best costumes at a cheaper prize without the hassle of roaming all the malls in the area. Plain and simple, customers do the choosing and clicking while the Costume Cauldron Store does the packing and delivering. Efficient enough with less effort and time.

I know that we're not celebrating much of the Halloween but there are costumes that I really love to have and use it not only during Halloween but in some other occasions that would require a costume. Adults can find their desired costume on the adult halloween costumes area. And this is where I find the costume that I like, the Egyptian Pharaoh. Costumes like this can be use also in any other occasion, especially on plays. We always have plays in the church. This will come in handy and it's not only for Halloween. Now an Egyptian Pharaoh will not be good without a partner and Cleopatra's costume would be nice. I don't know if this is listed on the sexy halloween costumes, I'm sure my wife would be lovely on this. Now let's see if it will be a match.

Now what do you think? Is it a good match on not?  Well that's a historian point of view.  Hehehe!


Friday, September 10

Sulitizen Support

I have been visiting and reading some post of Her post are all interesting to read. I haven't been her friend yet but I do like her blog. So in support for her entry in I'm posting this as vote for her entry. I pray that she could win the prize.

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Thursday, September 9

Die Cast Metal Toy Cars

I'm sure most parents would not yet want their kids below 3 years old to play this kind of toys but for me well we play it. We play with an instructions that he should not throw or hit somebody with it. Though it was that small the weight is enough to make a bump on your head. Anyway if you really want to play with this toys with your kids just make sure that they only play it when you are around.

Another good thing why I bought this die cast metal toy car is that it is so cheap. The quality is good but the price is really cheap. You can actually buy one of this at a duty free shop at Clark, Angeles, Pampanga.  Since I started collecting Ferrari toy cars it became now my hobby of at least collect some of the toy cars though I know some would be very expensive but I will just go with the cheaper once first.

Just a reminder that all toys should be kept after playing so parents should teach their kids to keep their toys after playing.  It's for everybody's safety.


Wednesday, September 8

Joggling Life

It's really hard to cope up with the fast and busy way of life. Especially nowadays that there are more things to do and time can surely run so fast. You can also add the need of people to get job, more sidelines, and other earning opportunities.

Just recently there are events that can really affect how I manage my activities. No matter how you plan and organize your schedule there times that you need to joggle and just slip one activity if you cannot handle the situation. But be sure to weigh first on which of your activities that you need to joggle and drop.

The only good thing this weeks is that there are holidays on which you can rest your body and rejuvenate it in order to cope with the recent activities. Joggling life, work, finance, and everything! How about you how do you joggle your life and schedules?


Sunday, September 5


I know people, things, and everything around us changes, be it for the good or for the bad. There was this common and yet not dilapidated phrase that “the only permanent in life is change”. Yes and indeed that’s the only constant, the only thing that matters is how we face the changes in life.

My story is very common to all students who got bored of their chosen path or should I say a pre-requisite of their career. I’m not a very intelligent and dynamic student who can answer any questionnaire a 100% or almost. I can say that I’m the type of student who only lingers on the average level.

It was the second week of May, few weeks before the school year starts. There were two Colleges that I’m targeting to enroll to, one is the College of Advertising and the other is the College of Arts. Hurriedly I went to the College of Advertising first, unfortunately the quota number for students were already filled up and that leaves me no choice but to go to my second option, the College of Arts. The College of Arts is composed of History, Psychology, Philosophy, Library Science, and Sociology. Among the list, History is what I like best. Giving my credentials the Department of History accepted me as their new student. I was second year irregular.

I spent my first year in the most highly known College in the University, the College of Accountancy and Law. Who would have guessed that I was an Accounting Student before? The College of Accountancy and Law is one of the Colleges in the University that is highly acclaimed for producing board top notch passers. So meaning we, students, must live up with it or just simply drop from the rolls. I did my best maintaining my slot and the grade of 2, not until I got bored of looking at those numbers and figures. I lost the drive in pursuing to be an accountant. I just felt that I wasn’t free in exploring things. My grades went down below the quota. And to fully get out of the realm of numbers and figures I did not even take the qualifying exam though I still can.

It was a drastic change for me. From a well know course to an unknown course. People will always have to ask twice to get to know about my course. It’s more of “what’s that again?” I don’t have any second thought about my decision because things do change and my love for my previous course has already worn out. I felt I was already free. I can say that my life did change then from numbers and figures to numbers and travels. In most of that travels Goldilocks became part of it. To be precise, the Goldilocks store along Aurora Blvd in Cubao is where we always meet before the travel.


Sunday Message : Listen

Another Sunday of the month. It seems that I really can get myself to wake up early and prepare Maki for the morning church service. Add also that every Sunday morning when Maki wakes up he always look for her Mom. We always connotes it that Maki has a "S and T". It's called "Sumpong and Tupak" to be precise in English or child term, it's called "Tantrums". So preparing him would means war. LOL! Just kidding! But it sure is really hard to calm him down.

Anyway since we couldn't make it to the church we just listen to some praise music at Most of them were Hill Song Kids so that Maki can also sing along as we listen to it. So as we listen to it Maki is already calm and his tantrums has already subsided.

I don't know what exactly the time is but I heard it on the radio. My mom and dad always listen to a Christian radio station. The story goes like this.... "There were a group who were looking for a watch inside the house. They already searched all the place and even turn the house upside down but they couldn't find the watch. They all went out of the house and a boy saw them as they were bothered loosing the watch. The boy came to them ask if he could try to look for it. The group agreed to let the boy though they were saying that the wouldn't find it. After a few minutes the boy went out carrying the watch. They asked the boy how he do it. The boy simply explained that he just put his ears against the floor and listen."

The story seems simple but that what always happens to us all. We always complain about our life and always ask for the answers to our prayers but we are forgetting the main point. We forget how to listen! Yes... we nag about everything that we rarely listen to what God is telling us. We always look for God's answer to us but the problem is that we don't listen and that's why we are still searching for that answer.

Maybe it's about time that we take a deep breath... close our eyes... open our hearts... and listen. Then maybe we can now hear God's voice in us.


Saturday, September 4

Daddy Day Care : New Slippers & Toy

Today we went to the doctor for my wife's appointment to her ophthalmologist. Afterwards we went to the mall to look for Maki's new slippers. Its been a year since he got his slippers. We wanted to buy something good but not too expensive. We checked all the brands in the mall and we did find some good slippers but very expensive. So we just contented Maki with this slippers ....
.... plus he did get a new toy also.  The slippers are not what we wanted but its good enough and not too expensive.  

After buying Maki's slippers, Mommy and Maki went to the mini train station to ride.  This is Maki's first time to ride a mini train.  He wanted to ride the roller coaster but his not yet allowed there.  So he just enjoyed himself on board the mini train.

So what do you think of our day?


Tickle Me Plant

While browsing at Mommy Pehpot's blog, this video clip got me curious and made me watch it for a while.  After seeing it, I was really laughing.  Not because it's funny but it made me laugh for the reason that the plant they are selling is actually a discarded plant in our place.  Most people ignored it and consider it as a grass.  You can actually see it everywhere.  We call it "MAKAHIYA" here in our place. We call it "MAKAHIYA"(which means shy or timid) because it folds its leaves when you touch it.


Friday, September 3

Toy Kingdom Amazing Card

We, parents, always try to look for best buys when it comes in purchasing for our kids. We always keep in mind what are the things we can give to our kids. So we try to squeeze every inch of our salary just to provide them the things that they need. Squeezing means making a good and important list to buy, extremely use every privilege cards that we can, always after for the sale, and join the earning point system of every establishment. I remember that me and my wife always get those earning points cards. One for the grocery, one for the drugstore, one for the bookstore, one for the office supplies and we even have one for the game area where Maki always play. So now we're still thinking if we're going to get this card from Toy Kingdom. I know that the "ber" month has already begun and preparation for Christmas is now starting. So toys and other stuff as gift will be the major preparations for everybody, especially for the kids. So while we're on the process of deciding I want to share to you what it looks like.

I just hope that we will come with a unanimous decision about this matter.  So how about you, will you get one of this?


Wednesday, September 1

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