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Saturday, September 4

Daddy Day Care : New Slippers & Toy

Today we went to the doctor for my wife's appointment to her ophthalmologist. Afterwards we went to the mall to look for Maki's new slippers. Its been a year since he got his slippers. We wanted to buy something good but not too expensive. We checked all the brands in the mall and we did find some good slippers but very expensive. So we just contented Maki with this slippers ....
.... plus he did get a new toy also.  The slippers are not what we wanted but its good enough and not too expensive.  

After buying Maki's slippers, Mommy and Maki went to the mini train station to ride.  This is Maki's first time to ride a mini train.  He wanted to ride the roller coaster but his not yet allowed there.  So he just enjoyed himself on board the mini train.

So what do you think of our day?


1 comment:

  1. nice slippers, good quality slippers not cheap and kids do grow fast


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