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Thursday, September 9

Die Cast Metal Toy Cars

I'm sure most parents would not yet want their kids below 3 years old to play this kind of toys but for me well we play it. We play with an instructions that he should not throw or hit somebody with it. Though it was that small the weight is enough to make a bump on your head. Anyway if you really want to play with this toys with your kids just make sure that they only play it when you are around.

Another good thing why I bought this die cast metal toy car is that it is so cheap. The quality is good but the price is really cheap. You can actually buy one of this at a duty free shop at Clark, Angeles, Pampanga.  Since I started collecting Ferrari toy cars it became now my hobby of at least collect some of the toy cars though I know some would be very expensive but I will just go with the cheaper once first.

Just a reminder that all toys should be kept after playing so parents should teach their kids to keep their toys after playing.  It's for everybody's safety.



  1. Cool toy cars!My husband is a collector of Ferrari toy cars,too.He don't want my daughters to play with 'em though--so pricey daw kasi lol!

  2. Nice! Ganun talaga lalo na ung mga rare. Hehehe


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