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Sunday, September 5


I know people, things, and everything around us changes, be it for the good or for the bad. There was this common and yet not dilapidated phrase that “the only permanent in life is change”. Yes and indeed that’s the only constant, the only thing that matters is how we face the changes in life.

My story is very common to all students who got bored of their chosen path or should I say a pre-requisite of their career. I’m not a very intelligent and dynamic student who can answer any questionnaire a 100% or almost. I can say that I’m the type of student who only lingers on the average level.

It was the second week of May, few weeks before the school year starts. There were two Colleges that I’m targeting to enroll to, one is the College of Advertising and the other is the College of Arts. Hurriedly I went to the College of Advertising first, unfortunately the quota number for students were already filled up and that leaves me no choice but to go to my second option, the College of Arts. The College of Arts is composed of History, Psychology, Philosophy, Library Science, and Sociology. Among the list, History is what I like best. Giving my credentials the Department of History accepted me as their new student. I was second year irregular.

I spent my first year in the most highly known College in the University, the College of Accountancy and Law. Who would have guessed that I was an Accounting Student before? The College of Accountancy and Law is one of the Colleges in the University that is highly acclaimed for producing board top notch passers. So meaning we, students, must live up with it or just simply drop from the rolls. I did my best maintaining my slot and the grade of 2, not until I got bored of looking at those numbers and figures. I lost the drive in pursuing to be an accountant. I just felt that I wasn’t free in exploring things. My grades went down below the quota. And to fully get out of the realm of numbers and figures I did not even take the qualifying exam though I still can.

It was a drastic change for me. From a well know course to an unknown course. People will always have to ask twice to get to know about my course. It’s more of “what’s that again?” I don’t have any second thought about my decision because things do change and my love for my previous course has already worn out. I felt I was already free. I can say that my life did change then from numbers and figures to numbers and travels. In most of that travels Goldilocks became part of it. To be precise, the Goldilocks store along Aurora Blvd in Cubao is where we always meet before the travel.

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