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Sunday, October 17

Daddy Day Care : One Busy Day

I was supposed to post this yesterday but due to tiredness and sleepiness I got knocked down on the bed with Maki.  I thought of a nap only but I was brought to dreamland.  I was sure tired yesterday.

Well, yesterday was one busy day for me and Maki.  We went to Circle and had our fun playing with his new remote control car.  That was my early gift for him.  We got the whole circle for us, Maki just went running around and chasing the car as if the whole place is his playground.  When he got tired or better say that I got tired of looking at him running around, we went to the kids play area with slides, swing, and climbing walls.  We stayed their for almost an hour.  Maki couldn't be stopped playing around, sliding and climbing.

Afternoon we went to Jollibee to set and confirmed Maki's birthday celebration.  Preparing for his birthday is really tiring.  Good thing about party packages is that you don't have to worry about the venue, food, games, and things that you need during parties.  All you have to worry about is the money to pay for that party package and services they offer.  During our stay at Jollibee they were preparing to post a banner about their activity this coming Holloween.  So we wanted Maki to be part of it of course to mingle with the other kids who are members of the Jollibee Kids Club.  So we got a ticket for Maki and Mommy to attend the Holloween Party.  So right now we are thinking of what costume Maki will wear.  Then we went to the grocery to buy some food and stuff for Maki.

The day were really busy and we had done so many things.  How about you how was your day?
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