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Saturday, October 9

Daddy Day Care : Patience

Does anyone knows how to make your kids behave pretty well? Perhaps there are no kids that behaves exactly what you want it or else they're not kids anymore but remote control robots. That's what keep me busy today with my son scolding him and teaching him to at least behave a little bit. We all know that kids, especially preschoolers, do like adventure and the more you keep them and instruct to avoid it the more they got curious about it.

Maki is starting to get more bad tantrums this days. Mommy and I are really getting a hard time making Maki obey and behave a little bit. It is really hard to practice good parenting, especially the no spanking and no harsh tone to kids. Sometimes you really need to raise your voice and show that you are mad and angry of what he did. Maki do respond to that by silencing himself and later on coming to me to say "no angry".

Patience is what parents should have in raising their kids. It really entails a lot of patience in teaching kids how to react and behave in times that it is really needed. Sometimes they would not really listen to you even if you get mad. The thing is that when they have decided that its a must its a must. But parents should not worry because there are still other ways to make them obey and divert their attention from what they like. One is to at least show that you listen to them when they are telling something. By doing this you can become their model and they can easily obey you and respond to what you want them to do. Though sometimes it fails but don't worry because it's only a small percentage. The other one is to direct their attention by making a story or looking at something else. Pretty much easy to tell but it takes practice to keep these kids. With kids you really need a long line of patience.

How about you how do you handle your kids?

1 comment:

  1. It is difficult to make some kids behave and obey. I have 2 boys and 3 girls and it really seems more difficult dealing with my boys. They sometimes drive me crazy and drain my patience. But I try to be more prayerful that God may help us in good parenting.


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