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Saturday, October 2

Daddy Day Care : Something Different

Our family has been through a lot of challenges this past few months.  Sometimes we did find ourselves wandering and thinking of some possible things to do.  Prayer is our only hold.  We often think that our minds are far greater but we are only dirt.  There is still a Being that is above us and shows ways for us to get out of the labyrinth of life... that is God.

It was a very stressful months that even I had manifested the symptoms.  I did went to the doctor for a check up but didn't find anything wrong with.  Meaning I have been soaked deep in the lake of stress.  Though I was able to loosen some of it, still, the feeling and the burden is there that's why we'll be having a family bonding today to loosen up those stress that we get.

Though with little resources we will try to have a very different day today.   Something fun but not too expensive.  Just something for the whole family to enjoy.

How about you what are you going to do or what did you do today?
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