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Sunday, October 24

Looking for Rings

I remember the day when we were looking for wedding rings. We really get a hard time looking for the best ring for our wedding. There were so many designs to choose from, many kinds to wear, and most of them were really that expensive. We didn't know which one to choose, they were all beautiful and most of them are really great for the wedding. There were Gold Rings, White Gold Rings, Titanium Rings, Black Titanium Rings, Tungsten Rings, and a whole lot variety of rings. The only problem is that they were all too expensive for us. We don't have enough money for the very expensive ring. What we want is beautiful, simple, and affordable rings. We were so desperate in looking for wedding rings, until one of my wife's friend offered one of her friend who were in the jewelry business. She gave us some of the catalogs that they have and finally we found what we are looking for... beautiful, simple and affordable. We did get what we want!
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