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Monday, October 25

Maki's 3rd Birthday!

Maki's day started with a good wake up from us.  Good thing that he don't have any tantrums when he wakes up.  When he wake up we were teasing him "Birthday Mo Ngayon, It's Time to Party"  (Today's your Birthday, It's time to party).  He is alive and kicking, no illness, and all is well.  We did our usual morning rituals, breakfast, bath, and play.   There were greetings from text, and from the internet, specially those who are in abroad.  After lunch we took a nap to prepare for Maki's Birthday Party.

We prepared with no rush, no hassle, and worry free.  It was just like our normal family date.  The only exception this day is that we're expecting what would Maki's reaction if Jollibee came into the party and greeted him.  Maki is scared of mascots and big statues.  So this is our worry, what if Maki is still scared with Jollibee what will happen to his party then.  Anyway we just prayed that Maki will overcome his fear.

So, we came to Jollibee Store and straight into their function room.  They were not yet ready with the decorations when we came. It was a bit early.  That was really something to mark and commemorate, having been very early during Maki's birthday.

One by one and group by group, Maki's visitors came and greeted him.  Some were friends and others were relatives.  At about 6 PM the party started with a dance number from Jollibee crew dancing the Jollitown  theme song.  Everybody's attention were set and we started.  Just as before this party we were practicing Maki to lead the prayer and he really did lead the prayer by thanking God for spaghetti, chicken, rice, juice, and everything.  It was short and brief but we are thankful that Maki was able to lead the prayer.    Maki was very much lively unlike his first birthday party that he was not feeling well.  This day, well he has so much energy store in him.  Games were played for the kids and also for the adults, specially Mommy and Daddy.  Most of the kids got their gifts and prizes.

Now, the main event that we're anticipating has finally come.  It came in with the signal of the emcee.  It was Jollibee!  Hesitant at first Maki was able to make high five, hug and dance with Jollibee.  He really did lost his fear of mascots.  He has finally conquered it.  Maki and the rest of the kids chase Jollibee around for pictures and hugs.  While still having pictures with Jollibee mascot most of the parents are busy having their meal and the other kids are also busy munching on their food.  When its about time for Jollibee to go, Maki did say that POPO next!   He sure easily get accustomed with the mascot and his asking for more.  Eventually, Jollibee is the only mascot that we paid for maybe next time other mascots will do with Maki.

Maki did blow his candle without any help from Mommy and Daddy.  My son Maki is really witty sometimes.  Just before his birthday party we asked Maki what will he tell to Jollibee if he was asked how old is he?  Without any pause Maki answered "Mommy, Jollibee don't talk!"  Indeed, Maki was right about Jollibee not being able to talk on his own.  That's why Jollibee gave his birthday wish by making sign language and interpreted by the emcee.  His wish for Maki is for him to be loving, strong, smart and always happy.    The party ended and one by one people were saying good bye and kisses to Maki.

It was tiring but one good thing about party packages is that you don't have to worry about settling things after the party.  We thank everyone who came and also those who greeted Maki.  Though we weren't able to request the presence of everyone we love well what matters is the thought of being there for Maki.


  1. happy birthday to your son, wish him good health.

  2. Thanks for the greetings for my son.


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