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Monday, November 22

Monday Rush: Quick Exit

Quick exit!  Yes quick exit!  Does anyone tried to have a quick exit from a not so very serious conversation?  Well, I do have an experience like that.  It was a conversation instigated by the very same person that I did some quick exit.  She/he was the woman/man of the hour (I don't know if she/he is).  It was really hard to get out of a conversation started by a very talkative person.   Good if she's/he's talking with sense and you're getting some good insights but what is wrong is that it's all about her/his greatness.  Sometimes we really need and we have to do it so that the unwanted talk will be turned into something much more fruitful.  Or we can get out of the situation and try to look for something to do.  So if you're trying to do some quick exit do it as quickly as possible.
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