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Friday, November 12

Storytelling Comes Easy

In Your Own Voice Storytelling

Storytelling is what kids always want. They wanted their parents to do this every night and of course it is very tedious if its the same story repeatedly. So most parents try to buy bunch of story books to at least give their children some options on what book to read during the night. Also there are times that the kids will just want the same old book over and over again. It's sometimes annoying to hear them all over again. I used to have this kind of feeling because my son always love to repeat the story again and again.

This gadget will sure aid parents in Storytelling. They can just leave the recording and have their way with their date or anything that they will do during the night. So how does this thing works, well it is a pen-shaped voice recorder synchronized to some series of easy-peel stickers that is attached to a book's pages. Each stickers has a unique encoded pattern of dots (similar to a bar code) and each is associated with a voice recording stored on the pen's built-in memory. A child can simply points the pen at any stickers that they can find throughout the book. There are forty stickers with pre-recorded sound effects, including a laughing baby, meowing cat, ringing phone, ticking clock, fire engine, and more are included. Requires two AAA batteries.

Simple to own and simple to have. This can be bought for only $79.95.

What do you want for your early gift?
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