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Sunday, December 26

Holiday Gifts

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pier 1 Imports. All opinions are 100% mine.

Christmas day is already over but the spirit of sharing and giving is still up.  The holiday feast is still in the air and everyone is enjoying the season.  As for me and my family we did get through the holidays.  A little bit of this and a little bit of that sure did make our celebration a little bit different than the usual.   The decorations in the house are still up and will go until New Year’s Day.  That’s how we celebrate the Christmas season.  
Pier 1 Housewares
Pier 1 decors 2Pier 1 decors
Christmas decors set the mood of people during Christmas.  It is great to see people glaring and popping up their eyes when they see astonishing Christmas decors.   Unfortunately we don’t have that much Christmas decors in the house.  What we only have are a small Christmas tree, Christmas lights, and some few Christmas jollies on the wall.    Still, we were able to set our family in the mood for Christmas.  My son was very happy when we finish putting up the small Christmas tree with lights.  He even got more amazed when we light up the Christmas tree and the Christmas lights.  I clearly hear his reaction, he said “WOW” with a big glare in his eyes.   Maybe next year we will try to buy some more decorations and stuff for Christmas.  I’m sure by this time my will really appreciate it very much.  I was hoping that I can buy them online next year or if some of our friends want to send us a gift I would suggest the to get it from Pier 1.    I’ll just consider it as their holiday gifts for us.   I love to have as gifts those items on the Ornaments Section and Tabletop & Housewares Section.  Those items can really set the mood for Christmas.  
Aside from Christmas items, Pier 1 also got lots of interesting goods and bargains in their site.  They even got some cool tips and ideas for people who want to host their own parties.   You can also check their ideas about decors and style for the holiday party and tips on planning and having a party.   
Since it is Christmas, you can share your blessings to other kids by supporting Toys for Tots through Pier 1.  We all know that during November and December most of our bonuses are given to us so we might as well share those blessings to others.  You can either drop an unwrapped toy to their store or donate cash at the register.    Pier 1 also supports Toys for Tots by donating $1 for every new fan on their Pier 1 Imports Facebook account.   So if you want to be part of it be one of their fan and like their facebook account.

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