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Thursday, December 23

What I Want for Christmas

Christmas! A time of giving and the season for sharing. That's what makes Christmas a very joyous and busy season. The main reason that Christmas is Christmas is because of Christ. Without Christ there will be no Christmas. He is the main reason why we give and share. He did not give any materials but he gave his life for us so that we can all be saved. And that is Christmas is all about!
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We all know that deep within our hearts we want also to receive any gift that can really make us feel glad and joyful this Christmas whether we are teens, yuppies, middle age, or the oldies. Also it is not bad to hope and pray for something that you really want. For me, there are things that I am praying to receive this Christmas. I don't care if it is a gift, a prize in a raffle or a reward as long as I get them legally.

I'm not a very geeky techie gadget savvy guy but I do love techie gadget stuff. So what am I praying to have this Christmas? Well... I'm praying to have this...
New Cellphone the Nokia C7
It's just not for me but for my family as well, especially for my little Maki. Kids today are really becoming very intelligent and fast learner. They can really learn things in a snap.

Okay why do I want to have it? Well... first it's free if I won it, second it will for sure help me a lot in my work whether it is full time or part time, third it has very cool features that I love, and fourth this will be my third Nokia cellphone and the very first advance phone that I will ever have.
My very first cellphone which I owe was a Nokia 3210 it was the fruit of my first hard earned money. The second is my present phone a Nokia 2330, my wife and I bought it as bundle with another cellphone. So the Nokia C7 will be my next cellphone and I am claiming it in Jesus name!

With this phone I can do a lot of things...
  • I can easily check my emails when I'm in mobile.
  • I can have bigger memory for video clips and photos for my son to watch and look just to keep him busy if where outside.
  • I can store and download more music for my listening pleasure especially when I run into a very heavy traffic.
  • I can easily organize all my plans and activities.
  • I can easily send SMS messages.
  • I can instantly take pictures of my son's pretty good smiles.
  • I can get connected with my love ones especially during holidays.
  • and the best of all I can do all these things in just a touch of a screen!
Now, isn't it something to have when your mobile?
So just what our Pastor has always tell it's not bad to have this things just learn to Pray and ask God then claim it.

1 comment:

  1. ~He who has no Christmas in his heart will never find Christmas under a tree~ Merry Christmas~


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