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Saturday, July 31

Toys A Lot : Crayola Dry Erase

crayola dry erase

Here's a good way to start your kid artistically. A Crayola Dry Erase Activity Center. Teaching your kids to define colors and making them more creative and imaginative. I haven't bought anything like this for Maki yet but I already got some lots of colors and painting materials that Maki is somewhat using it right now. Plus added those pens, pencils, and ballpens he already depleted.

If you want to buy your kids with this stuff go check out Toy Kingdom Outlets in most of SM Department Store. Hey I'm paid of advertising their products and name but I really like their stuff.


Wednesday, July 28

Php 100K For Just A Number

If anyone from the blogosphere, who happens to be in the Philippines and are collecting 7-Eleven Bingo Tickets, I am offering a portion of the winning prize. All I need is just one more number to win their Php 500,000 prize. To be precise I'm offering Php 100,000 to those person who can provide me a receipt with bingo number B13. Yes that's the only number that I need to win the prize. So anyone out there who got this number and interested to collaborate with me just email me or post a comment here.

7-eleven logo

They have already won and let us hope to win also!


Kids Fear

As usual I got an email from Their topic for now is about kids fear. We all know that a child's has vivid imaginations. They can turn everything around them into something they can imagine. It's more of different world when they are in playtime mode but sometimes things unknown to them also causes them to see different things. One example is when they heard unfamiliar sounds, specially those cranky and thrilling sounds, they will end up shivering. That's because they didn't know about it. Kids are scared of the unknown.

All kids pass through this kind of stage, the only difference are what they fear about. Some fears are easy for these kids but there some fears that takes too long for them to overcome. There are things that should be consider when kids are experiencing fear. This is as much as I have digest from the article at First, don't make fun of your kid whenever they are afraid. Treat it seriously. Second, look at the place of their fear at a child's perspective. They may really see a weird looking thing. Third, a little explanation will do. Fourth, try to put some light in their room at least to keep them at ease. And five, a TLC from parents can really wash away all those fears.

Like in our son's case, he fears things that he hasn't seen very often. Maki is scared of things bigger than him like the mascots and statues. That's why Maki don't have any pictures taken together with a mascot. He cries and shivers whenever he sees one. He also fear some movies and cartoons. An example is the DVD of Mrs Spider. It's a free DVD from the stuff that I bought. At first his only scared on one character but later on his scared of the whole DVD even just hearing the opening theme song. We really don't know what happened but we are trying to help him cope up with his fears. Right now he has overcome some of them. We are challenging him and made a deal. If he was able to do HIGH FIVE with Jollibee then he'll celebrate his next birthday to a Jollibee Store. Up to now he hasn't done it yet but whenever we visit a Jollibee Food Store he would call out saying "JOLLIBEE WHERE YOU?"

Kids fear everything that is unknown, the only thing parents can do is to be there for them and explain specifically what are these things. Explaining things can lessen their fears and of course a parents hug can ease everything.

So how was your kid? What are their fears?


Monday, July 26

Monday Rush : Traffic Before SONA

As early as 5:00 AM, I think, north bound lane of Commonwealth Ave were already closed and vehicles are rerouted to take counterflow on the south bound lane.   Before 6:00 AM when I'm on my way to work there's a slight traffic along the said avenue.  Not only that, people rallying are also adding up to the cause of traffic.  I'm just thankful that I'm just in time.

SONA! Hhhmmmm!  State of the Nation Address, stating to the people of the Philippines about the situation of the entire country.  As for PNoy right now, he'll be addressing what was left by the previous president and what is his plan for the development of the country (I think).  Anyway will just have to wait and listen to what his going to tell us during the SONA.


Saturday, July 24

Daddy Day Care : The Ring & Hyper Bearer

This is the second time that Maki has been chosen to be the ring bearer on wedding occasions.  The first one, which was sister's wedding, Maki did walk but was accompanied by me, the Daddy.  The second one, which is his ninang's and it is today, gave us a slight problem.  We don't know much of the reason why Maki acted weird.  It started before we left the house which by then delayed us for quite some time and as the result he didn't walked the isle.  Followed by his refusal to wear his barong which caused him not to be in the picture.

What a day for us!  Then, before the wedding ends Maki became so very hyper and runs around the church.  I was so very tired following him around.  It continued until the reception, which did really gives me a back ache.  As I was writing this tonight I felt that I did a three hours karate training.  Added what he did tonight before he sleeps.  We thought that he would continue to sleep tonight because he fell asleep when we were on our way home and given the fact that he may be tired already because of his hyper activity.  Unfortunately he just got a little recharged and when he woke up here in our house that's give me another hour of training.  Whew!  I really need to take a good long sleep tonight but the problem is that I have to finish things first.   I don't know what time will I be waking up tomorrow.   So good night for now and God bless!


Friday, July 23

Play With Kitty Coin Bank

Good day everyone. Our toy for today is a very cool toy for children. This will really teach your children to save money at the early age. Aside from being a coin bank it is also a good toy to play with. Cute and playful cat will come and play with the kids. Want to know how watch this video clip.

mechanical kitty coin bankmechanical kitty coin bank 2

So isn't this great for your kids. The only problem here is that shipping of this toy in the Philippines is not available. The only course to get it now is from your friends who resides in countries with available shipping. To know those countries visit here.


Thursday, July 22

Dad's Learning Six Figure Affiliate Blogging

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of All opinions are 100% mine.

I have been blogging for more than two years now and I still find ways to improve my blogging skills. Making it more interesting and exciting to read. Aside from improving and finding ways to improve my blogging skills, I also read ebooks about earning opportunities. Not only earning opportunities but also their ways and scheme on how they were able to monetize their blogs.


One interesting ebook came from which was written by Zac Johnson. The ebook is actually a guidebook for newbies who would like to engage in affiliate marketing and how to make money blogging. The author provided enough information on how to set up your own blog and the best tools to use in your blogs. The ebook did explain the importance of branding, traffic, and monetizing blogs. The terms are quite simple and easy to understand. Newbies can easily grasp about what to do and what not to do. I find it interesting that I still discover new ideas and ways on how to improve my blogging skills.

Another good thing about this ebook is the short information and testimonies of twenty five (25) amazing bloggers who are now earning through blogging. Some of these amazing bloggers are John Chow, Jeremy Schoemaker, Joel Comm, Carl Ocab, and a whole lot more. Read it and know for yourself how interesting it is.

Visit my sponsor: Six Figure Affiliate Blogging

Wednesday, July 21

No Water!

Yes! There's no water in our area.  The containers were all emptied already and there's no water coming out of the faucet.  A very big problem, especially in sanitation!  This is not really good, water is an essential need of people without it lots of problems will occur.   If you have watched "Water World", though they were so much water it's not appropriate for drinking.  They are recycling their water as much as possible.  Of course we don't to end up like that so we should at least in some little ways try to conserve water.  Use them wisely and appropriately.  We just pray that this water problem wouldn't take so long or else we'll be stinky and smelly soon enough.


Tuesday, July 20

A Yawn and Everything Else

A month ago I found this advertisement of a multivitamins containing the word Hapontukin. HAPONTUKIN!? Hhmmm... I asked my ever reliable electronic encyclopedia for the meaning of HAPONTUKIN and this is what I get #5@??????! meaning he doesn't know! Well so much for technology for a while. HAPONTUKIN is a mixed term of HAPON which means AFTERNOON and ANTUKIN which means SLEEPY. So by combining the two words produces HAPONTUKIN which means AFTERNOON SLEEPY SYNDROME. Well... most office working people do experience it and I got a knock of experiencing it first hand.

It was one afternoon, after having lunch and finishing the siesta I went out of the office. Stretch a little bit and inhaled a quite healthy fresh air. Got back in and started working again. At around 3:00 PM while typing my boss's memo for the board.  I took a big yawn and then everything else follows. My eyes becomes weary and teary. I'm yawning every minute and everything started swaying. Then the worst thing happened...BLAG! Ouch! My forehead hit the table. Good thing there is no push pins on it but it surely does give me a bump on the forehead.  Now I learned my lesson not to force myself working if I'm sleepy. Because I might end up worst than a bump.

So when HAPONTUKIN sets in I get up, stretch a little bit and grab the camera.  I sneak in to my officemates table  and started shooting photos and videos of them who are also getting the HAPONTUKIN SYNDROME. Then sneak out of their work area quietly and return to my place.  Watch the video and start laughing till I drop.  But of course it was just for fun to set off the doze of HAPONTUKIN.  Well there's a saying that laughter is the best medicine.  Since HAPONTUKIN is some sort of a syndrome I might as well laugh out that syndrome.  And with a help from Enervon Multivitamins, more energy mas happy!

Sample of the Shot


Monday, July 19

Monday Rush : Wet Clothes

How many of you had experienced having a slightly wet clothes on a Monday morning? Well... yours truly did find my pants this morning a slightly wet or should I say dry but more of cold and humid. It's really hard getting your clothes dry this rainy season. I'm just thankful that I still have another pants so I didn't wear it yet, but instead I just brought it for my Wednesday attire.

Well it's my fault anyway that my clothes were cold and humid. I forgot to put it behind the refrigerator to get it dry. When I was still studying I only got few school uniforms, in order to make it dry faster is to place the clothes behind the refrigerator. The running motor of produces a little bit heat that warms the clothes and makes it dry faster. We often do this during rainy season just when there's no beams of light passing those cotton clouds.

Well maybe next time I'll try to check first if there's any available clothes a day before my schedule. If none, at least I could prepare it already. No worries and no rush.


Saturday, July 17

Daddy Day Care : Haircut & Talk Madness

Today's Daddy Day Care is one tough day for us. You know why? This is the first time that Maki didn't what to have his hair cut. He was really stressed out because we wanted him to have his hair cut because he'll be a ring bearer next week. We wanted him to look good but unfortunately Maki was not on the mood. I know it is not good forcing him but we really need him to take his hair cut. Aside from looking good on the wedding day, his hair is really long now. It was almost an hour struggle and the end result... we had his hair cut and cleaned. Thank goodness that the barber is really patience enough to cut Maki's hair.

Okay lets get off that stressful day for Maki. Right now Maki became very talkative. He would tell everything that he has done the whole day. The only problem is that he'll speak "TAGLISH" (Tagalog and English). Sometimes if he really wanted express much of himself his words starts to become mumblings that you won't recognize any word. The thing that we do is that we guide him to express his thoughts little by little until he expresses what he wanted to say. We wanted him to speak full straight English but of course we also teach him to speak Filipino. It is better for him to learn a lot of language. As an exercise Mommy would always talk to him in English every night before they sleeps. Of course Daddy is always there to listen and speak some thoughts also.


Friday, July 16

Animated Black Widow

animated black widow

Here's something for this coming Holloween. I'm sure kids would love play with this animated black widow, especially when it is dark. If you want this you can get it here.


Thursday, July 15

Book Grab... Praying to be Chosen

What's Book Grab?  Well... it is an annual event for Fully Booked where they choose lucky winners to race and grab all the books that they can.  Isn't that cool enough if you're a bookish person.

I was able to finish my artwork entry for the Book Grab the other and yesterday I tried to submit my entry but unfortunately I got three failed delivery notification.  So I just hoped that last I will be able to send it again.  To my surprise, Fully Booked did reply that they have received my entry.  Great!  Now I'm praying to be one of the five lucky book grabbers.   That's a lot of books to read!  I'm sure Maki will be delighted if sees too many books to read.


Tuesday, July 13

Remembering SAVE ME Days

Just found this pictures which was posted by Odie on facebook.  These are the happy memories during the active days at SAVE ME Movement.

SAVE ME Eastern SamarSAVE ME Eastern SamarSAVE ME Eastern Samar

SAVE ME PalawanSAVE ME PalawanSAVE ME PalawanSAVE ME Palawan
Stranded at ParaƱaque City. We learned to do market without any cash

SAVE ME PalawanSAVE ME Palawan
At Negros Navigation Boat

SAVE ME PalawanSAVE ME PalawanSAVE ME PalawanSAVE ME PalawanSAVE ME Palawan


Monday, July 12

Monday Rush : Virus Attack

Now my Monday Rush is quite different and this is something that PC owners don't want to happen to them. So this is the Monday Rush!

Last night my computer just went berserk! Popping up different dialog boxes informing me that my computer is infected with a virus. The virus was trojan type that collects informations like passwords. I hate that when it happens! After that first pop up... boom all software applications went disabled. I tried to figure out how to removed that virus but it seems that its beyond my capability and the only resort I know was to reformat the hard drive. After few more minutes of figuring out I came up to a decision to... REFORMAT. Ahhhhh! Bad... bad... very bad!

I really don't know where it came from but prior last I noticed that PC's running is quite slower than the usual though I was only using one application. My wife told me that she was able to click a link from her email from a known website but with no subject title and only the link is the only content. My suspicion is that link.

So with the reformatting of the PC all files were removed and all the softwares... well... I have to reinstall everything back again. For now, I was able to reinstall the MS Office and the rest when I got back home. This really caused trouble!

Also, early today the internet connection in our office gone nuts. It opens only few sites. I don't know what's happening but it really hampers things. Until this time the connection is still abnormal. I just hope that everything will went well later this days.


Saturday, July 10

Daddy Day Care : Videos and Pics

A big thank you to technology! Why? Well... first is we don't have to spend much money in developing pictures, second is no more bulky videos cameras, and third is we can take a picture and shot a video as many as we want. So, how about that for an answer. Indeed technology gives us the more advantage in storing important memories in our life. Much more is that we can see and watch them as often as we like. The only limitation is that... don't get your gadgets crush down or you might loose everything. To be more sure always make a back up of the videos and photos.

For a start, today, our family just stayed in the house and does some chores. Mommy does the cleaning and sorting of important documents while I do my online activities. Maki just draw, read, write, play and sometimes would come to me asks if he could watch mickey. That's Mickey Mouse! He often watch some video clips at youtube. And then this evening, after we had our dinner we somewhat try to look some of the videos and photos that we have stored in the computer. Since Maki's yaya, Ate Lanie, hasn't seen some of the videos and photos we showed it to her. Maki would sometimes react on the video and say "that's KI" (KI is short for Maki). The evening did brought some of the memories. Memories when Maki was still a baby.


Friday, July 9

Toys A Lot

Good day to all the readers! Starting today there will a new part of this blog. It will be called "TOYS A LOT". We will be showing different toys that Maki owns already and what Maki still wants to have. We will even be posting trivia, informations about the toys, and even where to buy or get them for free. So come and visit every Friday for new things at "TOYS A LOT".

Well I find this toy that I know Maki will love but I haven't bought this yet. Maki loves to watch this on TV. Maybe once I get some extra money I'll buy this.

thomas pull back racer

If you want to buy this just visit any TOYS R US Stores.


Thursday, July 8

Recalling College Days

Last week I've met with my college schoolmates. Not to have fun but to extend our condolences and sympathy to our college schoolmate's family. It seems that it was the way that brought us all again together. They are both our classmates during college days. We were witnesses of their relationship. Memories of the old days. We were reminiscing the past, the laughter, the joy, the experiences, and everything that we did during that days. It was really good to recall memories. We just prayed that we don't have to meet again in a situation like that. It's about time to meet old friends again.


Tuesday, July 6

Pacifying Kids

Good thing about having a handheld TV is that you can watch it anytime and anywhere. In my case as parent this is something that can pacify my kid when his having tantrums or getting bored with our travel. Kids do often get bored especially in long travels, so with a handheld TV I can assure of a great travel and a pacified kid.


Monday, July 5

Monday Rush : Work As Usual

Work as usual.  We rush on our work to finish them on schedule but eventually there are some circumstances that affects our action.  As a result, we sometimes crams with it.  Beating the deadline of submission.   That's the struggle of a worker.

What are you rushing today?


Sunday, July 4

The Fourth of JULY

To all people who lived in the United States of America.  A warm greetings of HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY from Yashiro and my whole family.  God bless us all!


Essentials Things A Baby Bag Should Have

Here are some essential things a baby bag should have.

  1. Blanket. Babies, especially the few days old babies, are or should be wrapped in blankets. Always bring extra blanket.
  2. Milk and feeding bottles. If mothers are breast-feeding they don’t have to worry bringing some milk and bottles with them but for those who are not into breast-feeding always bring milk and feeding bottles.
  3. Water. Since your babies are still sensitive with what they are taking in, try to consider some of the packed and sterile waters on the market. Also remember to have extras.
  4. Extra clothes. These are also needed because babies do get dirty most of the times so parents should always have extra clothes. At least try to bring three to four extra clothes for the babies and also an extra clothes for the parents.
  5. Diapers. Of course if parents don’t want to get stinky and change their baby’s clothes very often try to have some packs of diapers at least during the baby’s day out only.


Saturday, July 3

Daddy Day Care : Family Day

Just a day in the house. Cleaned the house and fixed some electrical things. We don't have anything much to do today so the whole day we just stayed in the house. We watched children rhymes in youtube, browse the internet, play with maki and of course eat.


Thursday, July 1

15th President

Yesterday was the Inauguration of President Elect Benigno "Nonoy" S. Aquino III  A fresh start for the 15th President of the Republic of the Philippines.  He takes his oath and delivered his inaugural speech assuring the Filipino People of what he has promised during the campaign.   Let's all just pray that he'll deliver what he has promised not just assuring but making it happen during his term of office.

Also as a good start, the singing of National Anthem by Charice did pretty well.  She surely delivered the message of the National Anthem without any "palabok" or extra melodies.  Plain and simple!  That's it!

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