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Monday, August 30


Thank God for the holidays! Workers get to rest aside from their scheduled rest days. At least once in a while people get to rest their mind and their body from work and other toxic materials. People today are dying young because of such factors. That's why we need rest. Holidays are not only made to commemorate but also as an excuse to take vacation and unwind.

I think I have spent my free day and tomorrow will be another working day. Another battle to be fought and another challenge to face. Good luck to everyone tomorrow!


Monday Rush : Holiday

Monday and there's no rushing today. It's Holiday! Hahaha! I didn't wake up very early and I don't have to cram. I just take today as if it was weekend. Lol!

Today is just another bonding moment for us. Not in the park but just here inside our small house. We are just going to clean the house, take some time together, play, eat and sleep. Maybe will try to check some old things that we need to check and maybe use it. So for now we will just enjoy the day and of course do my online chores.

So for those who don't have any work today God bless and make the fun and exciting.


Sunday, August 29

Tiring Week

Well, I really got a very busy and tiring week. Preparations for two consecutive events is really exhausting. That's why I wasn't able to do some of my online activities and articles. All about parenting stuff, kids stuff and some of my life were put on hold. I couldn't write much if what I'm thinking is about the events at work. I really need to at least make some time thinking of what am I going to write in this blog. Maybe next week, I'll try to have one good rest. I sure need that to rejuvenate my energy.

Most of us, who are working and at the same time do blogging, needs some time to think and relax our mind in order to create and write articles that is worth reading. We can only give the best when we are fully relaxed. So by resting and relaxing we are setting the mood of our minds. So, have you rested enough to make something better?


Friday, August 27

Play Football Remotely

Kids nowadays loves to play football and that's because of the previously concluded world cup (I think).  Anyway playing football requires a much bigger place and of course a lot of playmates.  Well, when I was a child we play on the street and we're distracted by people passing by.   So the play is not fully enjoyed then.  

Now I find some toy that can be enjoyed inside the house whether it is raining or not.  The only thing that you need to provide are batteries.  Then you can play all day, just make sure to have spare batteries.
remote controlled football boots

You can find and buy it here at Pro-Idee


Thursday, August 26

Unusual Events

We all know that there are unusual events had happened lately and it had caused much talk not only locally but internationally.  We're all affected of it, directly or indirectly.

In our lives we all cross and meet different events.  We often react from it and tries to conclude things without knowing it properly.  Maybe it's all natural for all of us to comment and react instantaneously.

By all means have you commented or reacted on something?  Was it worth it blubbering what you have thought?


Sunday, August 22

Daddy Day Care : Run Around

Due to exhaustion, weariness, and tiresome I wasn't able to post this yesterday. It was really a great day for Maki. His day started so early that he really enjoyed it.

We went to circle yesterday morning. We thought that we won't be able to enjoy the morning because of the dark cloudy skies. Fortunately, after we had our breakfast the sky is somewhat well okay to walk in the park. So, we went Quezon Memorial Circle. The place really not yet finished. They are still renovating the place to make more fun and exciting to go to. Maki was very eager to step on the stairs and walk through the underpass. We came out of the underpass. When he saw the place he was very delighted to see new things in the park, especially the wide area where he can do anything he wants. He started running and running and running. We just let him enjoy running because he don't have much place to run around with in our house. He did play with his boomerang.

After that we decided to go the play area. There are lots of slides and other things to play with and of course there are lots of kids also there. I've noticed that Maki really did learn from what we always tell him. He always wait for his turn. He just let other kids to finished first before goes next. The only problem is that sometimes he is being pushed around by other big kids. This causes him to get angry and he really expresses it by shouting and making an angry face. Anyway Maki enjoyed half of the day and us also.


Saturday, August 21

Maki's B-Day Poster Design

I only got a few more months before Maki's Birthday come. I want to personally design Maki’s invites and everything that is needed on his birthday party. I know I can easily make the invites. We have the computer and software to use in designing the invites. What bothers me is how can I put a hand-made design A3 size in digital file when all we have is the A4 size scanner? One option is to scan it part by part and then just patch it using graphic design software or we can just find someone who owns a3 scanner. That should finish everything.


Friday, August 20

Toy Kingdom Events and Promotion

If you or your kids are fans of Toy Kingdom better check out their Events and Promotion. Who knows you might get lucky and get some cool toys at Toy Kingdom or some exciting freebies. So better check them out this weekend.

toy fair

Have fun!


Thursday, August 19

Something to Remember

How many of us are keeping some old things? Old things that reminds us of an event, of something that will surely make us smile. We keep those things because we want to remember. We want to cherish every detail of that moment. The laughter and tears that made us who we are.

As we dig deep into our past we found ourselves little by little knowing what we have been and what we used to be. Things that links us into the past to remind us of what we have learned. Always keep a simple object for something to look at when everything seems gone.

How about you, what are you keeping?


Wednesday, August 18

An Apology and Update

An apology to all who participated in my concluded contest which included the blog review of mommygen's blog. It seems that mommy gen wasn't able to review all the blog submitted or didn't find any good reviews. This part of the contest is beyond my control and it is up to the sponsor which to choose or if she would choose one. But anyway, I did sent her the links to the blog reviews and even sent two emails to her asking for the result. Up to now I find no email response from her.

In any case, I'll just provide something as a reward for those who have posted the blog reviews. For now I'm thinking of advertising their blog here for two months.

Again, an apology to the participants.

I know all the previous sponsors are anxious to hear where did their $1 went to. For a start, during the gathering of pledges and sponsorship I was able to set aside $60 for the two beneficiary of the contest. That leads to $30 each. It's not much but can surely augment some of their expenses. Details to where it went will be posted soon.


Monday, August 16

Monday Rush : Online Activity

Recently or should I say last week I didn't post anything about parenting and stuff here. Not until it is weekend which is time for the Toys A Lot and Daddy Day Care. I am supposed to at least start redesigning my blogs layout but unfortunately there's not much time to do it tonight because of time constraint. My time is limited and I only got few more minutes before the service arrives. So for now maybe I'll just pause and continue it tomorrow.


Missing Church

Bad me because I think it's more than a month that I have been missing church. I know it's not good for a Christian to miss church on Sundays but there are just things that are happening quite unexpected. I know it shouldn't be an excuse for not attending church. It's a good thing that there's always an online daily bible verse which I can reflect on while listening to different beautiful Contemporary Christian Music.

“If we live, we live to the Lord; and if we die, we die to the Lord. So, whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord.” (Romans 14:8) Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 by Biblica. This is what's today's bible verse. Indeed we belong to the Lord. God created us and give us life. Just like the things around us our life is a precious gift from God and which belongs to him. Yes we run our life to what we want. We do different things and mostly things that is not pleasing to Him. Sometimes we do things that leads to the lost of our lives whether it is physically or spiritually. Still, whatever we do we belong to the Lord and the Lord loves us very much. I'm not a very good Christian, I do fail on many things that's why I'm always pinched by the Lord.

I pray that next Sunday my family will be there inside the church listening to God's message.


Sunday, August 15

Yugatech Giveaway


workstation 2

Just finished taking photos and sending my entries at yugatech for this giveaway. I think I really need this 1 Terabyte Western Digital Caviar Black SATA 3 (6 Gb/s) because of the number of photos and projects that I'm working on right now. Also add up the cartoon movies and series that Maki love to watch.
I just hope and pray that I could win this giveaway. Imagine if you're going to buy that 1 TB extra disk, I think it cost much and way out of our budget. Anyway if anyone or anybody would like to join just visit here.


Saturday, August 14

Playing With Numbers

According to an article in, kids at the age of two should be now counting numbers from one up to two or more than one regardless of the figure itself.  At this age kids don't have the notion of any numerical values.  Their understanding is that there's one and more than one.   That's plain and simple to them.  Other kids may have already recited the numbers one to ten or even beyond ten but that's their memory working.  They have very keen and sharp memory.

If kids started showing interests on numbers don't coach them on the numerical figures instead weave and teach them to identify numerical references.  A good example of this is showing pictures of animals or trees and letting them count or add the images by themselves.  Letting them identify the quantity of the images they see.  In this way they are not coached but you're letting them find the answers for themselves and making them more observant.

When I was still young, I thought children rhymes were just a playful tones and rhythm.  Now that I have my own son I figured it out that it was a good foundation, especially if you wanted your kids to be mathematically incline.  These rhymes does not only produces good tones and music to kids ears but a way to fully understand and identify numerical values.  Since kids at this age only memorize the figure and the numerical character, rhymes help them identify the numerical values by using number figures and characters and objects.   Some examples are the "The Three Blind Mice" and "Baba Black Sheep" which clearly helps kids identify the quantity and the numerical value because of the characters and the objects.  

Another way to help your kids understand numerical values is by playing with them and making numbers as their toys.  Use their toys and let them identify and learn.  Also by providing kids with lots of books to read which can help them identify different values around them.   Honing their mathematical skills takes time and patience but it's a good start that they are counting and starting from one.


Toys A Lot : Toy Kingdom Toy Fair

Toy Kingdom will be having a Toy Fair. Schedules and places can be seen below. I'm sure there will be lots of fun and games for the kids. Maybe I'll schedule it also to where we are going to. SM North Edsa is on October so maybe we'll just pray that we will be there. I'm Maki will love to see this.

Here are the schedules...

So if you want to be there mark your calendars already.  See you there!


Monday, August 9

Monday Rush : An Ordinary Day

Just a plain day with nothing much to rush on. Just wanted to keep everything as smooth as possible. I just hope that next will be something extra ordinary.


Sunday, August 8

Join the BC Bloggers 4

BC Bloggers is now having its 4th! Come and join if you want to have more links and traffic to your blogsite. This is my second time to join here. Hope to see you there!



Saturday, August 7

Daddy Day Care : Total Tantrums

Does your kids gone into total tantrums? Tantrums that it is so hard to control. Well, today is the first time that Maki did this. It was really a TOTAL TANTRUM! Yes Maki did a very wild tantrums today. I think he cried and gone berserk for about more than 15 minutes. Everyone was looking at him. He keeps on telling "Daddy go back", "another plastic". Mommy and I didn't really know what to do. He was only pacified when we got into my in-laws house. His nanny, Ate Lanie took care of him. What a day!

The reason for his tantrum is just to put the puzzle that we bought into another plastic not the one that the saleslady gave us. The reason is very simple. Maybe because it was the only thing that he asks and we didn't even listen to it. Now, lesson learned is that if does that again we will try to figure out and listen to what he really wants. It's so hard to pacify him.

Maki is not really that bad when we are at the mall. He doesn't ask for anything to buy and that's what we love about him. When we are a toy store he will just touch it and would the characters name.


Toys A Lot : Zig Zag Knot Puzzle

zig zag knot puzzle

I'm not sure yet how this thing works but I'm sure Maki would love to play with this. Especially now that his having fun with puzzles. If your kids are loving puzzle games then you should try to get one of this. It will sure develop your child's mind.

You can buy it online for only $9.99 by just visiting here.


Wednesday, August 4

Passing On the SAVE ME Legacy

I have been a member of SAVE ME for more than a decade now. Embracing the SAVE ME Principle and Ideology. Now that I have my son, I think he is already following the foot step of being a MOVER. You know why? Well he has some story that his nanny told us.

The story goes like this and it is according to Maki's nanny, Ate Lanie. One day, while Maki and Ate Lanie were playing outside, a man pass by and drop a plastic wrapper on the alley. Maki saw that and started saying something like "Mama throw plastic on floor... there's trash can inside Maki's house". While saying that Maki's face was angry and the man were already far. Also according to Ate Lanie, Maki picked up the plastic wrapper. Went inside the house and throw it in the trash can.

Now, isn't it nice to see that your kid is already an environmentalist at his early age? I'm glad that we have thought him that. Maybe we will him more about lessening about that angry thing. Maybe we'd better start the SAVE ME Juniors. What do you think?


Monday, August 2

Monday Rush : 7-Eleven Big Bang Bingo

7-eleven logo

Tomorrow is the last day of the 7-Eleven Big Bang Bingo and today is my last day to get the winning number, which is the Bingo Number B13. Unfortunately I still don't have the winning number but I am praying that it will come. If it doesn't come well it's not meant for me. There are still lots of opportunities out there maybe this is just a start.

Granting that I win that prize well first things first is my tithe and thanksgiving, then I'll settle all our debts. If there's still much, I think I will save half of it for Maki's savings account and the other half is for the things that we need.

So for everyone who collects 7-Eleven Big Bang Bingo Tickets all you need to give is just the lucky B13 and the Php100,000 is yours. Of course we should get the prize first. We still got one more day to go.


Sunday, August 1

Daddy Day Care : Vaccine & Dentist

What's the best way to pacify kids after having their vaccines? Well, most doctors give kids candies, chocolate and biscuits. That is after a long struggle just to have this kids their vaccines. And that's what Maki did get from his doctors today!

Our first stop was his pedia. Maki was supposedly schedule for a vaccine earlier this July but because of financial shortage we just had it today. Maki doesn't met his doctor often and he only sees her whenever he gets vaccine shots or whenever he is sick. So Maki is not very familiar with his doctor as a result Maki is afraid of his doctor especially the little lying area where all the kids lie down. Maki did struggle hard today wanting to not have that vaccine shot but he has to have it. So Maki's consolation for being vaccinated was some candies, chocolates, and biscuits just to keep him at ease.

The next stop was our dentist, our Ninang. We wanted Ninang Meng to check Maki's tooth which was broken into half last Monday due to his fall from the chair. We weren't at ease of what happened to his teeth so we let Ninang Meng have it checked. Good thing that Maki's gums and teeth are not swelling. Ninang Meng explained everything about kids teeth. She did also warned us to protect Maki's teeth because right now it is very fragile and since he only got half of his tooth it is much easier to get damaged. Maki also get candies, chocolate, and biscuits from Ninang Meng.

We did explain to Maki that those doctors are checking his health and is concerned about him so he shouldn't be afraid of them. Maybe next he'll be more courageous enough to face the vaccine shot. Anyway we'll still be there for him.

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