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Saturday, January 1

Daddy Day Care: First Day of 2011

Today is the very first day of 2011.  A new beginning and a fresh start.  They say that this year will be something extraordinary for everyone because abundance will flourish to everyone.  Well I do believe in that because God has His way of providing for His children.  No matter how it is send, He still provide and He doesn't want His children to go hungry and bare.    For God's grace and love abundance will surely flourish.

As to celebrate the first day of the year, our family went out and cherished the gift of nature and the gift of life... air.   We went to one of the nearest place where you can see animals and trees of course, it is the Parks and Wild Life in Quezon City.  We want the kids to enjoy playing and breathing for fresh air under those trees.  Our son is really super hyper.  We don't know where does he gets his energy, I'm sure his already tired and his already exhausted but he still manages to run around and play.  I, myself, wanted to have a nap but my son insisted on going around the park.  Whew! What a day to start the whole year!  Anyway it's good that our son is active and not dull or lame.  One thing I think my son needs is to show his talents and skills when there are other people around aside us and his friends.  Anyway we'll be praying for it and I'm God has something for my son.

So for now, since it is still fresh and still the beginning of the year.  We pray for EVERYONE for a BLESSED and FRUITFUL YEAR! GODSPEED!
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