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Saturday, January 15

Daddy Day Care: An Ordinary Day

Well today is just one of those days that we usually does. Bonding time with our little Maki and having one great time all together. Though Mommy got work today we still manage to have time together. That's what weekend is for anyway so we'll just have to spend it. A quality time for the family.

Maki and I just stayed in the house the whole morning after I escorted Mommy to the highway where she's going to ride the jeep. Maki is still asleep that time. When Maki woke up we did our morning rituals. We ate our breakfast. We feasted on two jumbo hotdogs. Then Maki played while I do some of jobs online and offline. Since Mommy want to have lunch in the house I cooked Adobong Pusit (Squids). When Mommy came home I don't what was her judgment but they almost ate everything. After our lunch mommy went back to the office and us we took our afternoon nap.

Afternoon Maki and I went to Mommy's office to fetch her but because of us being late mommy had to wait for us outside of her office. Hahaha! We went to the mall to let Maki have a little fun while Mommy is having her hair done in a Hair Salon. When Mommy is done she followed us in amusement area where we are playing. Then we eat our dinner. When we are about to go home we've noticed that it was raining hard so we decided to stay more inside the mall and wait till the rains stops. We went to the department store to buy something for Mommy and some VCDs for Maki. When the rain gets milder we went to the PUJs station and went home.

That's our ordinary weekend when there's not much budget, a little family bonding. How about you how was your weekend with your family?
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