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Friday, February 18

Battleship Game


I remember when I was still in elementary school, toys back then are mostly improvised or just plain simple.  As I recall it most of the pages of my notebooks are filled with scribbling and markings of inks and that's because we play on our notebooks.  All we need before are just pens and papers, there's no complexity in what we play, unlike today.  Most of these are played during classes without a teacher or break time.  This is our way of passing time over with the subject without a teacher.

Now games like the Battleship are becoming more inviting because of its design and some new features.  I just don't know if kids  today will experience it much and enjoy of it since most of them are now playing in the comfort of their home with their PC games and other gaming console.  I just wish that most of the Filipino games are being taught by teachers.  There are kids who are willing to learn and enjoy it.   It is better that your kids are enjoying and are exposed to other normal games.

How about you what games did you recall when you were a child?



  1. miss my childhood games.
    have a nice week end

  2. Thanks for the visit Lifemoto. We sure miss those times.


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