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Monday, February 14

Monday Rush: Valentine's Day

Red!  It is the main color of the day.  Everywhere I look I see red, from shirts to dresses, from podiums to windows, and restaurants to boutiques.  Not only the color red is present but also the shapes of hearts together with cupid, from small to big and from few to many.  It's a time where most lovers show their affection to their better half.  For those who are still young at heart it's the time to show true love.

For me and my wife, celebrating Valentine's Day is somewhat different for us.  We do give gifts and love notes to each other.  Sometimes I make it a little bit crafty and personalized.  There are times that I give love notes in tid bits that she needs to complete the puzzle to read what I wanted to say to her.  Sometimes I even make it little bit hi-tech and visually using graphic arts.  Whatever the mediums that I use it only shows one message "I Love My Wife".

For this day I made a simple poem for her and here an excerpt of it...

The day is red
Filled with love, 
Roses of bunch
You will have.

Kiss me tight,
Full on the lips
Lets dance tonight
And throw your hips.
I gave that poem while we were having our dinner together with our son Maki.  This is the 3rd year that we're celebrating Valentine's Day with our son.  So how's your Valentine's?
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