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Friday, March 4

Aniceto, Sito, Archie

This is our Tiyo Sito/Aniceto/Archie together with one of her daughter.

My Uncle is called in different names and that's because he has been to different places and of course with different friends as well. To his family and friends in Antipolo he is commonly called Archie. To his brothers and sister he is called Aniceto or Sito. He is a loving father, a helpful brother, and a joker of the family. I remember during the burial of Lola Lading (their parents), he and one of his uncle was arguing and commenting about the statue of San Roque which was supposed to have a tool for farming. His uncle asked him why is it that St. Joseph don't have the farm tool with him. Uncle Sito just and vocally replied that "Local farm tools are obsolete now, tractors are what they use now." Most of the people who heard made their simple grin and a slight laugh with giggle. I also remember whenever he visits us he would always call me "Mac". I'll be for sure going to miss that call and voice.

He will have his final rest this coming Sunday.  To all who have given their donations, prayers, and help, the whole family are very grateful and we are thanking each and everyone from the bottom of our hearts.  The kindness will sure marked in hearts, thank you and God bless.

If you want to know the story and what happened, you can simply click the link Tiyo Sito and read the story. It is not much elaborated but it is the best and possible story that I know.

If you are touched and are willing to share your blessing, we would really appreciate it very much.  The donations will surely help a lot in the burial and for the bereaved family. 

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