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Friday, April 29

Free Dating Site Referred To A Friend

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of luvfree for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.


When I have read this dating site there are two names that came into my mind, the two names were once my officemates and still friends at present.  I will not mention their names or their nicknames on this post to give respect to their privacy.  I think, though I didn’t mention their names here on this blog post, I am sure that most of our friends would definitely know who they are.   Yes they are the bachelors of that company.  At this point, I couldn’t really tell any reason why they are still single.  Though their ages had already exceeded the number of days of a month in a calendar they’re not worried at all.  Perhaps they are enjoying their life as a single. 

 Anyway, since I’m here already with the site I might as well review it before I nudge it to them.  So, what was the site?  The site was called the  It is a free online dating site which allows you to look and search for a partner to be or just simply scout around for any potential bride want to be.  Aside from you searching, you’ll also get a chance to be searched by other people when you provide simple information. 

The site is quite easy to navigate around and find links that you were looking for.   If compare to it is perhaps or most likely shows some similarities in the way of getting a partner but there’s a pretty huge difference when it comes to accessibility and design of the website.  It's like comparing a star to a not so star.  Perhaps a little more improvement on the design and outlook of the webpage but in totally I would definitely refer it my bachelor friend.  

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Learning Curve's Dinosaur Train

Daddy Yashiro's Journal has always tried to find toys and computer softwares that are safe for kids.  From our previous posts we have found an internet browser that is safe for our kids that we don't have to worry about them getting on an adult page.  It was called the Kidzui, which we were also using in our house and my son, Maki uses it when he is searching the internet for videos and games that he wants to play.
So for today, I am featuring one of the Sponsors that browser and the one that also keeps Kidzui Browser FREE of use for our kids.  Their sponsor, the has created something extraordinary for the kids, they are introducing one of the creations the Dinosaur Train Interaction Figures with Smart Talk Technology.  This toy has over 50 dino sounds and phrases that kids will sure enjoy playing with it.  Hear it roars below...
Unfortunately these lovable toys are only available in the US and some other countries.  There are no distributors here in the Philippines.  Too bad!  I think most of the good toys are always on the other side of the world.   Anyway we will just have to wait till it is available here in the Philippines but those who are in the said area well your lucky so go get your kids with this toys.  

Do you find any good toys like this? Share it here with us!

Learn Green in Alter Space University

With the situation of the world today it is just right that people must do everything to save the planet. We all live here and all of us must play our part in making the world a better place to live in. That’s what most environmentalists would say to you.

I am thankful that during my college days I was able to meet interesting people that helped me in shaping my future. One of those interesting people is Dr. Edwin Monares, the founder of SAVE ME Movement. Yes, I became one of senior members of the organization. Though I did not strive to be one of the officers, I lived the organization’s ideology by heart. I treat the organization as one of my family.

save me picture

SAVE ME Movement stands for Student’s Action Vital to the Environment and Mother Earth Movement, its ideology is not similar to any environmental organization. It is different and it dares to be different. The organization aims and targets the individual or the social environment. The intention is to save the individual from ignorance of the environment and their bad habits. We need to save ourselves first and that’s why it is coined as SAVE ME. The individual, which is the common problem, is also the solution. By instilling good views and proper attitude towards the environment, the world will eventually change its course of extinction to a better world to live in.
This video is created by one of the chapters of SAVE ME Movement

So being a MOVER, that’s what the members are called, it’s our task to become an environment police. It is our duty to inform people that we need to conserve energy and save the environment even in a little way that we can. Like in my experience, whenever I see teenagers or adults littering, I immediately approached them and ask them to kindly throw their trash in a proper place. Simple but if everyone will be taught like that there will be no litters. Even my officemates I try to impose to them that they should throw their garbage in the right place. Also, being a father, I encourage my son to do the same and I was amazed that he is also practicing it.
All it takes is a little tap to make everyone to do the same and one good example of it is the Alter Space. Alter Space is the 1st Filipino environmental awareness game on Facebook that will for sure enjoy by all facebook users. I did enjoy playing the game and I have learned that we should lessen our carbon emission because excreting body waste is one of the main activities with large amount of carbon emission. So uses of appliances and other materials that emits large amount of carbon emission should be minimized. They got lots of Tips on how to conserve energy or lower carbon emissions there so check it out. Anyone can try out the game here and enjoy.

Thursday, April 28

Dad in Search of Free MP3 Downloads

Dads like me have always been looking for something that will help me in times of lullabies. And I did found some interesting Download Files from Rapidshare, a free mp3 downloads of different songs which can be use as lullaby for my kid, especially during the night that I get a hard time putting him to sleep. Nights like this can really become hard for both Dads and kids. Dads get stressed of the event and at the same time get angry because of the situation. We cannot just eventually let them sleep instantly because kids too have their own time clock and they just go down whenever they feel too. It’s more of a timer, all you need to do is to wait till that time stops or reaches its right time.

Some of the songs that I try to find and play were lullaby songs like “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”, the slow “ABC Song” by Elmo, and a whole lot more of different lullaby songs. Aside from the lullaby song I also try to download some nursery rhymes that my son really loves to listen. He even sings a long with it and makes an action if the nursery rhymes have an action with it. Some of these songs are “The Number Song”, “Baba Black Sheep”, “Little Boy Blue”, and more. It is really great and helpful to download music for free. There was a saying that “the best things in life are free”.

People can search anywhere on the internet about files, documents, and music, one of the known search engine offers file sharing services and direct links. People can get and find any file that they want that is stored on the biggest file sharing services.

Tuesday, April 26


Yes you have read it right!   Daddy Yashiro's Journal will be celebrating it's 3rd Blogoversary this coming May and also we will be celebrating the coming of our 2nd Son (We'll just pray that the ultrasound result won't be wrong.  Hahaha!).  A double celebration, so as thanksgiving we will be having a contest.  This will be mainly a raffle contest and there will be a special blog entry with a special prize.

Contest would not be fun without prizes, so for this contest I mainly seek for cash prizes through Paypal.  I'm also looking for generous and kind hearted people who would love to share their blessings and become part of my upcoming contest.  Three major prizes will be given away and a special prize for the best blog entry.  I will launch this contest formally on May 28, 2011 and will end it on June 20, 2011.

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So if anyone would be willing to sponsor I would like to request that all pledges will be in on May 27, 2011.  Just email me at or just comment below.

Saturday, April 23

Daddy Day Care: Mommy Is Out!

Today is Black Saturday for our Daddy Day Care and yes Mommy is out.  Not the whole day but still she's out for today.   Well, they got some bonding moments with our friends.  An all girls bonding!  It's really seldom that they invite the husbands to come along.

It was lunch time when Mommy set off to her date with the other girls.  So, this leaves me and Maki all alone in the house.  Good thing that Maki was asleep when Mommy leaves the house.  I won't have to pacify Maki when he does his tantrums, it will for sure take us more than the usual time to pacify kids.  I remember one of his tantrums that made a very bad impression to those who've seen the event.  This happens in one of the known establishment in our place.  He did make a lot of noise that we couldn't really make him stop.  Imagine a few kilometers ride with Maki crying and pulsating like a worm from my arms.  Whew!  His really strong!  The bottom line were able to pacify him, his nanny did pacify him.   I'm sure most of the Moms and Dads there were already raising their eyebrows, but hey that was the first time that we experienced something like that with Maki.  And the catch of the story Maki just wanted to change the plastic bag where the sales lady placed the puzzle that we have bought.  Anyway tantrums are tantrums no matter how high or low it would be.  The thing is that we, parents, should try to learn more on how to pacify our kids when event like this occurs.

So much of the tantrum thing, let us have what we have done for today or better yet what has Maki done to Daddy.  Since Maki and I were left all alone in the house, everything are our responsibility and since it is Mommy's time to have some time with her friends, it is our time also to make the house tidier.   Maki did helped Daddy in cleaning the house but the play time is more than work time.  Of course we couldn't asked for more from our little kid,  Play time is what they mostly enjoys.  One good trait that I'm proud of him is that he is willing to help me and Mommy in our household chores, especially now that we don't have any YAYA.   So we did clean the house wash some rags and also cook rice for dinner.  At first Maki wasn't really into getting active and I think I was exhausted during todays work.  I just pray that body won't ache too much tomorrow during the "Dawn Service for the Easter Sunday".   So all in all, Maki and I can manage the house whenever Mommy is out of the house together with her friends.  Just make sure that you got plenty of clothes for your kid.

How about you?  How was your day and Holy Week?

The Cross' Message

Christians have always observed the Lenten Season.  Most of the people do different routines during the Lenten Season.  Many of them start it during Holy Monday after the Palm Sunday or the triumphant entry of Christ in Jerusalem.  Some of them are still practicing the tradition.  Some believed that Christs is suffering during this time so they wanted also to be part and feel that suffering.  They called it their penitence.  Different denomination and different sect observed Lent but with different rituals.    Truly the Lenten season is a time to reflect and communicate with God.  As one of the bible passage says "Be still to know  that I am God" Psalm 46:10.  It is indeed that the Lenten season is a perfect timing for most of the working people.  It's a Holiday!  It is not to have fun on the beach but to made a reflection of the what had transpired during your days of being a Christian.  Me, I'm not convince about the good and the things that I have done.  I'm sure some of them doesn't pleases the Lord but I will strive with the guidance and help of Christ to walk aright.
Just this week, one of my friend posted a message on Facebook.  It's just a simple message which is relevant for this era... an era tech and gadget stuff.  Anyway, the message goes like this...
We all want a 3G phone with 16Gb memory;

A computer with 4G processor and a 500Gb hard drive;

An iPod with 32Gb capacity;

In life, we only need 1G.

...1 God!

A perfect timing! Yes, we are all living on a very fast phase environment. Everything is moving so fast, so busy and so occupied. That's our life today... BUSY! But with the less busiest time of the day have ever stop, stare at the cross and think why an innocent man crucified on that cross? Perhaps none of us have ever done that.
According to most number of definitions on books and on the internet, during the time of the Romans the Cross is a symbol of shame and humiliation. It was one of the capital punishment for those who committed crime. Jesus was innocent but He was treated as if He had committed a crime. He was crucified on that Cross and shed His blood for us, sinners. The Cross according to Rose Marie Regalia...
The Cross was the despised man's sinful disobedience through ages and ages. The cross was the culmination of God's salvation plan which actually started in Jesus' incarnation. The Cross became life-giving to us who believe. The grace of the Cross is overflowing. The promise of the cross transcends generations. The covenant of the Cross moves us into becoming active messengers of the same Cross that first transformed us, and we are never the same.
C - Christ
R - Reigns
O - Overcomes death and sin
S - Saves lost souls
S - Sanctifies the faithful

Perhaps it is not yet too late for us to know the message of the cross. All we need to do is to stop, stare at the Cross and pray for forgiveness. Perhaps for me the Cross' message is the never ending love of God our Father.

Thursday, April 21

Dad on Kenny Rogers' Blogger's Night

All the way from work in Clarkfield, Pampanga, I rushed to our house in Quezon City. Pick up my wife, took a shower, get dressed, and hailed a taxi just to be present in a Blogger’s Night Event in Kenny Rogers Katipunan. That was last night and it was really fun!
The Invitation
It was a day before the event that one of my blogger friends invited me to join in the said event. At first I was reluctant because of the time constraint. I don’t know if I’ll be able to bit the time and be there on that event. After a few minutes of thinking I then decided to send an email to the organizer. With crossed fingers I waited for their reply and gladly they did sent an invitation. I also asked if I could take my wife with me. With a smiley on their email reply, they've granted my wish.

With the length of the travel and the short span of time we were able to be there, thirty minutes late! The good thing about it is that we were just in time to try out the new dish that Kenny Rogers Roasters is offering. It’s called the Hainanese Chicken which is a common dish in Singapore. Since me and my wife were late we weren’t able to hear a very good introduction of the dish but thanks to their Press Release I was able to scan some of the information about it. So without any further delay we started tasting the dish. First impression is that it’s like “tinolang manok” without the soup. The meat of the chicken is really tender and you can eat it without the hassle of separating the meat from the bones. It is also served with ginger, chili and sweet soy sauces. On my part since I’m getting off with salty sauces I really enjoyed the chili and ginger sauce, they are just great for people like me. The rice is flavored with chicken stock and sprinkled with garlic on top of it. Of course a meal will not be complete for Filipinos without the soup but what I don’t like about the soup is that it is too salty. Perhaps they should lessen the saltiness of the soup. Well that completes Kenny’s Hainanese Chicken.

It is indeed a healthy option for people getting off from high blood cholesterol. As we all know Dads are not always health conscious, so this meal is really good for Dads. Fried is out poached is in.

A meal will not be very complete without the last part, the desert. Kenny Rogers Frozen Yogurt offers a variety of toppings to enjoy. Though I’m not a yogurt fan, I think this Kenny’s Frozen Yogurt had captured my taste. I don’t know with my wife because she’s really not into yogurts. I think I would really enjoy eating Kenny’s Frozen Yogurt with or without toppings.

Ever since that I was diagnosed with kidney stones and with a little bit tendency to get high blood, I’ve always set aside those salty sauces. As much as possible I would go for steamed or poached dishes. It is really great that Kenny Rogers Roasters has decided to come up with a dish like this, healthy!

Since Kenny Rogers Roasters is endorsing healthy life style it is great that their dishes are endorsed by people inclined to sports. It is one good way to motivate people not only to eat delicious and healthy foods but also do healthy activity as well. Meet the ambassadors of Kenny Rogers…

 I think I will start to do healthy activities again. Perhaps do a thirty minutes jog for a start. Live life and live healthy.

Tuesday, April 19

Swimming Experience At Bosay

It is summer time again and Pinoys or Filipinos do love to go to the beach or even in a resort in the middle of the city. It's a time for us to cool down, relax and have some fun under the sun. It is the time to set aside work and enjoy the company of your love ones. And the best part is.... it is FREE! Yup! The so called summer get away for a day is free. What we only spend is our fare to my wife's office.

The getaway is a yearly activity conducted in Mommy's office where they enjoined the whole family to an outing. This is to have at least a bonding moment with the family of their employees. When Mommy started working in their company Maki and I have been occasionally invited in some of their activities. It was fun! This will be the second year that we are invited and included in the outing. Good thing that Mommy is still okay with the travel thing and it is good enough that it is just almost near Metro Manila.

For this year's summer outing they, my wife's company, choose the place somewhere in Antipolo City, Rizal. I think it is just a less than hour ride from Quezon City but because of the “I know that” attitude of the driver and his aide unfortunately made the travel a little bit longer. Which is almost two hours I think? The problem is that two of the passenger is pregnant. They only realized that they did not know the place when most of passenger started asking where the place is. I, myself, don’t know the place but only know that it is in Antipolo because Mommy told me. Also, I was wondering why they went on a different route. Mommy handed out the map and unfortunately… YES WE ARE LOST! What’s more annoying is that the driver and the aide complained that they should have given the map earlier. Waahh! What a jerk! A driver that doesn’t know how to navigate around the area! What’s worse is that they already have the map and they still don’t know how to navigate how to get to the place. Grrr… very irritating! I wonder how they got to pass with their driver’s license. Hmm…

Because of the long travel our son, Maki, were starting to tantrums. That was what we thought of but a few minutes later Maki puke on me. He was already dizzy during that time and that’s because of the driver who thought he knew the place but unfortunately doesn’t really know any at all.
So we finally got there, at last! The sun was almost high already and the heat is starting to get stronger. One of my wife’s officemate was already there and manages to choose a very nice spot. Near the CR! After seeing the place at least the annoyance with the driver pave off because of the inviting look of the place and the relaxing ambiance. The place is called Bosay which can be found inside the city of Antipolo. To why it is called Bosay, well just watch out for the article on one of my blog

We settled first and took our first munch of the day, breakfast! Since Mommy is the one in charge of the preparations, Maki and I decided to stroll around and look at the place. Maki became my model and we did a lot of photo shoot. We even went out of the gate to look at the front. After a few minutes of stroll we decided to go back and tag along mommy.

The place was very big and there are lots of pools to choose from. We visited almost all of the pools but enjoyed only in some of it and for the reasons that, first, there two pools requires swimsuit and trunks when swimming, second, mommy couldn’t swim with us on deep waters because of her condition, and third, we’re thinking of Maki where he could enjoy most. In totality the entire place was well themed and aside from the cool place their fee is just right. The only thing that I personally don’t like about the place is the steep way to one of the parking area. Perhaps they could at least lessen the steepness of the road to avoid any unwanted accidents.

Swimming time was great but couldn’t fully enjoy the swim because Daddy has to keep an eye of Maki. When Maki felt the water… poof he don’t want to get off the water. He enjoyed it so much that he tantrums whenever we went off the pool to eat or drink. So what I did is I just somehow taught him how to paddle his feet when on water and showed him not to open his mouth when swimming on the water. I did try to let him swim alone but the place is the too crowded for Maki to learn how to swim.

After the swimming Mommy and her boss agreed to visit the Antipolo Church and buy some “Pasalubong” or present. Antipolo is famous for their “suman” or rice cake wrapped in coconut leaves and “kasoy” or cashew nuts. I also managed to take a photo of the market area and also talked to some of the locals about the design of their tricycle which I am going to feature in So better watch out for some of our travels in

The day is about to end and everyone did enjoyed the swimming. With a little bit of tan and aching body we went home and rested.

How about you? What is your plan or what did you do to enjoy summer?

Monday, April 18

Why Does the Cheering Stop?

This was supposed to be posted yesterday after Church Service.  I really do missed sharing Sunday's Church Service Messages or to many it is commonly called "Sermon" but I prefer to have it called as the "message".  For one thing, that's the intention, to bring the message of God.   And as a father, it is one of my role to bring forth and lead my family in not only attending Church Service but in actually living the Christian way.   I know I'm not a perfect father and not a perfect Christian but I am striving to become a better Christian and praying to live a Christ centered life.

Yesterday was a very fine day for us.  Maki is just in a very fine mood.  No bad tantrums.  And because of that we were able to listen and digest the "message".  So open your heart, read, and digest.  I may not be able to convey the entire message but I am praying to have at least the gist of it.
I'm not sure to whom this is credited by I got this picture
from this blog Young Minds of Pandan
The title of the our Pastor's message is "WHY DOES THE CHEERING STOP?" and topic is based on Luke 19:28-40.  As we all know yesterday, Sunday was called the Palm Sunday.  Most of the Christians commemorate this event as the triumphant entry of Christ in Jerusalem.  Everyone was cheering and shouting "Hosanna in the highest!  Blessed is he who comes!"  They were cheering and swaying palm leaves and laying branches, clothes, and leaves on the ground as Christ enters the city.   This was the introduction of the message.  Why does the cheering of all the followers of Christ suddenly stop?

To give a better view of the scenario according to the knowledge imparted by our Pastor, the triumphant entry of Christ in Jerusalem is a perfect timing.  Why?  Because it is the "Pass Over Feast" which was according to the Jews history it was the time of Moses that the pass over happens.  That was the time that the Angel of death came down and take the life of all the first born son.  They will only be saved if there is a paint of blood on their doors which was called the "Pass Over".  The pass over of death.   This feast is considered a holiday, meaning the ban thing is lifted and the Jews can do nearly anything without worrying that the Roman Soldiers will arrest them.  So it is the perfect timing that Christ entered into the city because they don't have to worry getting arrested by the Roman Soldiers and what they are doing is considered as legal.   Also during that time they were under the Roman Empire.  So the Jews are longing for a King to save them and removed them from the rule of the Roman Empire.

When Christ have entered the city he did not went straight to the governor of the city but went instead to the temple.  There He was in rage clearing all the stores in front of the temple.  That was the time that the cheering stop.  The followers of Christ suddenly stop cheering.  Our Pastor further explained that the followers were dismayed of Christ action.  They were wondering why is it that the one they are calling the King of Jerusalem and the deliverer is in rage with the people, which are also Jews who happens to have stores in front of the temple, and why not put the rage on the Roman Empire.  The Pastor conveyed the message that the Jews are in rage and Christ knows what is their hearts desire.  They desire to put rage on the Roman Soldier and they wanted it to end.  Just like in our hearts Christ couldn't make a triumphant entry in our life if we in ourself does not accept Christ as our sole navigator of our life.   We as Christian should not just become followers of Christ but instead become born again who trust and puts his faith onto the Christ.   Followers only follows if the desire of their heart is met but becoming a born again is having the faith, keeping it strong no matter what is the outcome of the prayer.

It is true that most of us tries to follow only if what we prayed for is granted but what about if it is not answered.  So for me the message is that we should always put our trust and faith to the Lord no matter what.
If we put our trust and faith Christ will sure have a triumphant entry in our life.

How about you? What was Christ message to you?

Saturday, April 16

Daddy Day Care: Extreme Behavior

Kids today are becoming more impatient, super active, and highly motivated.  I'm not really sure if their behavior are being affected by the milk that they are drinking.  According to what I have observed from kids, preschoolers and toddlers, which are mostly children of relatives and friends, they do show signs of this behaviors.  Most of these kids are not really breast fed.  They are the products of formulated milks.   I'm not really familiar with some biological terms with regards to ingredients of formulated milk but I commonly found the ingredients of sugars and taurine in some of those formulated milks.  I just don't know if there are studies about the effect of taurine and sugars to kids.

I just don't know where I have heard about the effect of taurine but its effect is somewhat makes the kids more impatient in all the things that he/she do.  They wanted to get their activity done as fast as possible and if that puzzle is not solved in a matter of time, kids do get impatient.  While the sugars, as we all know provide nutrients to our bodies and at the same time makes us very much active and respondent to any activity around us.   Whether this is true or incorrect, still, parents should always look into the labels of what are the ingredients of foods and beverages that we provided to our kids.  I remember recently that there was an accident happen in one of the known restaurant in the US of A.  They accidentally served a slight amount of alcohol to a toddler.

Now with regards to my son, well, I think we have provided him some formulated milk that don't have taurine (I think).  For the reason that he is not impatient with some puzzle matters but showing extremely super active.  His favorite thing to do when in an open area is to run around and around.  He doesn't care if he slide or trip off while running.   I think he would go for running more than hour.  Another thing about his extreme behavior is that he's showing signs of being OC (Obsessive-Compulsive).  He would really try to make things in order whenever he wanted and sometimes he don't even care cleaning his mess.  It's really hard to explain to them that this are the things that they need to do for the day.  Another extreme behavior that Maki shows is that he wanted to be independent in most of what he is doing.

Daddy Yashiro Reached 100 Followers

Yes! After having been online for almost three years now my blog has finally reached its 100 followers in Google Friend connect.  It's an achievement for this blog.  I remember during the first few months of this blog, it was totally zero.  Zero Google Friend connect followers!  It was after its first year that it started getting followers.   So, I would like to give thanks to all those who followed me through Google Friend connect.  You have made this blog worth something to read.
I would like also to take this opportunity to invite other bloggers, friends, and readers who would like to share their blessings by becoming one of the sponsors.  This blog will be celebrating its 3rd Year Blogoversary and also will be celebrating for the birth of our Second Son.   So, if there are interested bloggers, friends, and readers who would love to be one of the sponsors just send me a message through twitter or facebook, comment here, or email me at

I'll be waiting for any response and pledges until May 20, 2011.  I'll be posting the invitation banner later just have to finish some things to do today...It's Daddy's Day Care today.

Friday, April 15

Maki's Quest With the Samsung Smart TV

This is a fictional story entirely created as entry for the Samsung Smart TV's Thing You Can Do With a Samsung Smart TV.  So enjoy!

The iblog7 summit, the gathering of the most powerful bloggers in the blogosphere, they are the ones who can shake and tremble the entire net community. A single click of their fingers can instantly change everything. They are the masters.
A sudden change of events occurred, in this particular time they were powerless. Their worst enemy, Writer’s Block had started its darkest plan. The entire net community was attacked with a single snap and taken the core, the source of power of all blog masters. It was Writer’s Block’s new found army and power did everything. Everything and everyone is in chaos.

In order to address the present situation, the Grand Chancellor of the iblog 7 summit summoned all the blog masters of the net community. They convened and make a decision of striking back at Writer’s Block’s army. Without power but only guts few brave men volunteered to fight the battle. With the core taken by Writer’s Block, winning seems impossible for the net community.

While the city was in chaos, not far from the net community gates, a young boy named Maki is playing with an electronic puzzle was surprised by an old man. Son can you give me a glass of water, without hesitation, Maki went inside their house and get a glass of water. He gave it to the old man hoping that he could relieve the old man’s thirst. The old man gave thanks to the boy and as gratitude the boy was rewarded with a magical TV, a Samsung Smart TV. It was thin and light not like the ordinary TV that he always see. “What should I do with this?” the boy asked. “You’ll need that very soon.” The old man replied and vanishes in a snap. Mesmerized and puzzled he looked at the TV and sighed.

While trying to figure out how the TV works, Writer’s Block’s army lead by Gen. Distraction attached Maki’s neighborhood. All the people were screaming for help, they were in turmoil. Maki accidentally turned on the Samsung Smart TV and with a single swish of his finger a wonderful clean surround sound music was played. It was like music of an angel that made Gen. Distraction and his army stopped. They were still and amazed by the sound. They became at peace and Gen. Distraction is no more distraction. It was one of the magic of the Samsung Smart TV.

The incident reached the iblog7 summit. They immediately summoned Maki together with the so called magical TV. In the middle of the summit Maki together with the magical TV was presented to the crowd of blog masters. They were all murmuring and whispering. The entire convention became a bee hive with all like buzzing bees. One of the blog masters suddenly blurted “What kind of a TV is that?” With permission from the Grand Chancellor, Maki replied “it’s a magical TV!” What’s that have to do with us fighting with Writer’s Block?” one of the blog master shouted. “If you have heard of the incident, this TV harnessed by Maki, magically turns Writer’s Block’s army into a peace loving army”, the Grand Chancellor replied. “Maybe we can use its power to fight Writer’s Block” added by the Grand Chancellor.

With their desire to defeat Writer’s Block and his army they formed a team with Maki as one of the member and keeper f the magical TV. The team will embark on a quest to Writer’s Block’s layer and defeat him. They waste no time and started the journey.
Through their journey they were able to harness the power of the magical Samsung Smart TV. With Maki as the keeper, one was able to harness the power of twittering and other social media. With just one click he can raise the entire community to raise arms. The second was able to use its power of browsing the internet to get items and equipments in a very good deal. They’ll need it. The third was able to break barriers of communication with the use of Skype enabled application of the magical TV. He can easily contact the main headquarters for back up. The fourth was able to harness the power of discernment through viewing of the news and traffic. He would know where to go better and could easily know the situation of the place they are going. The fifth was able to master path finding through the use of Google map and other locator, with the wide screen of the magical TV he can easily track down the whereabouts of the place of the enemy. The five blog master with the help of the magical Samsung Smart TV were able to gain and develop their powers while Maki, still unknown of what more he can do. When they reached Writer’s Block’s layer, they all fought hard and vigorously. The clashes can be heard all over the place. They triumphantly defeated Writer’s Block’s army but little did they know that Writer’s Block has more trick under his coat. He unleashed and shoots his lazy’s electric web, capturing the five masters. They couldn’t move and their powers are being sucked by the web. Leaving entirely the fight to little Maki. With intense concentration, thinking the welfare of their city, and the will to win he was able to connect with the magical Samsung Smart TV and release the power of virtual reality. Creating a real life like army of powerful centurions beaming with high definition made Writer’s Block tremble in fear and surrendered. They have won the battle. They went back home and celebrate their victory.

Maki became the keeper of the Samsung Smart TV in the city and the TV became their source of power. Their crafts were much more harnessed and developed. With the peace, they all lived happily ever after.

Thursday, April 14

Daddy's Hoping for A Smart Phone

Well, it's not bad to hope for something.  I know that there's a lot of things to be prioritized and a lot of things to buy in preparation for my wife's scheduled date of giving birth to our second son.  Whew I just remembered that though there's a blessing that came, still and I think it is just enough to cover the expenses for this month.  I just pray for more online works so that I could save for my wife's scheduled delivery.

Anyway, nobody said that it is bad to hope and wish for some fancy gadgets.  Besides Daddy bloggers like me should always be on informed with the new tech gadgets and other techie stuff.  It is not all the time that we, daddy bloggers, are holding the baby feeding bottles.  We should sometimes pamper ourselves with some gadgets, specially if we are always on the go.

We all know that there are different brands, kinds, and styles of Smart phones are in the market right now.  Some of the Communication companies offer a variety of smart phones to choose from.  From an economy to a luxurious budget.  I remember when I first known a cellphone it was a Motorola brand cellphone which was really odd compared to the looks of new phones of Motorola today.  Some of their latest phones are the Droid Bionic and the Motorola Bionic which was build with a good technology of Motorola.   This smart phone comes with a Motorola Bionic Accessories that can be used for the Motorola Bionic.

Since this gadget is available in the market I might as well pray that we will have first the budget for my wife's scheduled birth of our second son.  Then maybe that's the time that I will get a new Smart Phone.

How about you?  What are you yearning for?

Wednesday, April 13


Just last week, I did blogged here about my family's unusual bonding and food trip.  I did say that we did that because we were broke during that time.  It was a very tight budget that we have.   Then Sunday came and we really don't want to skip Church Service for that Sunday.  We were already skipped some Sundays and we feel guilty about having missed Church on Sundays.  Our money during that time was just enough for a taxi fare back and forth.  I didn't want my wife to exhaust walking and climbing the stairs of two overpasses, especially with her situation now.  The topic of the message during that time was about putting trust into God.  Which sometimes we would really fail to do.  We just prayed about our situation and we went back home.

My wife and I talked about the possibility of filing leave of absence from our work for just or at least a few days to be free of expenses.  But the problem is that I've already used up some of my leaves and so is she.  I tried to raise some money and was able to raise at least Php600.00.  My wife and I split it in half.  It was really a hard week for us.  Bills, groceries, and allowances are the top priorities in our budget.   Though there's a salary coming I think it's not enough to compensate the top priorities.  God sometimes really put us into test to know how far will we hold on to Him.  That holding on really did work and when God provides blessings he just not showers you but pours an abundance to you.  Yes!  God did pour out his blessing last night and it was an answered prayer.  Anytime now the blessing will came and will be able to finally get our top priorities.  Praise God for answered prayers!

How about you? Please do share your answered prayers!

Saturday, April 9

Daddy Day Care: OB and Food Trip

An unusual activity! Yes we had a very unusual activity today.  It's something that we don't usually do because it's just so happen today that we are quite broke and we didn't have enough money.  I know you are wondering why it is unusual.   Well to start with, today is my wife's visit to her OB/GYN and the only money we have is for her check up and ultrasound.  It is very unusual for us to have less money whenever there's a check up or visit to the doctor.  It just so happen that most of our sources were already depleted due to some circumstances that needs to be understand.  So anyway we did go off to the OB/GYN had her checked up.  We were very excited because today is the day that we will know whether Mommy's baby is a boy or a girl.  Personally I'm really anxious to know already whether it is a boy or a girl.  So we did come along with Mommy as she was being check up and later on ultrasound.  Her doctor immediately notice the image of the baby and found that it was a baby boy.  My heart did pound and yes it was another baby boy who will carry on the legacy of the Demo.  Of course we would also want to have a princess in our family so perhaps we will wait a few more years after she delivers our new little prince.

Since the baby is a boy, we somewhat did a little celebration of our own.  With a little budget that we have we tried to celebrate in a very simple and not very unique manner.  One of the supermarket is just near the clinic so we did go there and tried to look for a cheaper ice cream, Maki wants ice cream that is why.   On our way to the supermarket we heard a bell ringing.  That bell ring signifies or connotes an ice cream vendor or stand.   Mommy don't want the ice cream so we went inside the supermarket and try to look for something much cheaper but of course tasty and creamier ice creamier.   When we got to the ice cream area and Maki picked up what he wants with out any options!  Together with a bread we paid for the ice cream plus a free taste of scrambled egg with mayonnaise.   With a small food tasting spoon the three of us did enjoy the ice cream with three flavors.  That's what we call 3-in-1, three flavors of ice cream in just one container.

That's our food trip!  We tried to finished the three flavors but unfortunately none of us can really finish the entire 1 liter of ice cream.  Good thing that the ice cream that we got is really well known for its taste, quality and the best is less expensive.  An ice cream and some bread on a food court with a little spoon is really a very unusual food trip that we had.  That's what you call food trip bonding. It's really nice to think that food are well appreciated when it is quite few.

Plush Aroma Pillow Sleep Aid- Polar Cub

Polar Cub Plush Aroma Pillow from

Most kids now are having problem with their sleeping habits, especially during night time. Just like my kid his been having or should I say that we're having a hard time putting him to sleep. Sometimes and even though that he was already lying down, well he goes up and waiting for everyone to go to sleep already. I know it's bad for kids to be awake past their bed times. It affects their development.

While looking for some items and stuff for babies on, this one intrigues me. The Pluh Aroma Pillow Sleep Aid - Polar Cub. Aside from its cuteness for being white and cuddly, bears are surely huggable if they are inanimate like the one above.

So what does this Plush aroma pillow can do to us and to our kids. According to them this Polar Cub Plush Aroma Pillow can help and ease the problems of nannies in putting kids into bed. This Plush pillow has a removable lavender scented pouch. An eco-friendly hypoallergenic bamboo or on the go.

To make your interest pushed more perhaps a more detailed things on what this pillow/toy can do to our kids and to us.
  • Pediatrician recommended pillow size
  • Removable fitted pillowcase
  • Removable scent pouch with Cloud B's exclusive aromatherapy lavender blend
  • Pillowcase is machine washable and plush cover is surface washable
  • Removable inner pillow with soft cotton outer casing
I pray that this information can help most of the people in need..

Thursday, April 7

A Venue for Pinoy Daddy Bloggers

With my years of blogging, though I'm not that really old in the blogosphere, and bragging about parenting on the court side of a typical daddy, I haven't heard or read some pinoy daddy bloggers in the blogosphere.  I'm just wondering why is it that there seems no community of pinoy daddy bloggers existing in the blogosphere.   Is it because there are quite few daddy bloggers who brags about their parenting style or there's no means or venue for us daddy bloggers to have at least a little gathering and talk about our parenting style.

Sometimes this is very frustrating for dads, especially for those who are really a Stay At Home Dads or SAHD, that there are quite few events being held for the kids and their dads.  Though we all know that Dads are more quiet with regards to raising kids and managing the household.  Still, there should be at least few to boost up the moral of all Dads whether they are working 8 to 5 or just a plain SAHD.

Dads are more concern with their pride thing because of the connotation that Dads are the head of the family and he should be the hunter not the keeper of the house.  Maybe in the in the age of the Caveman this is quite disturbing but on this era, well, I think there's nothing wrong with being a full time SAHD or a part time SAHD.  Like most women would always brag "Women can do what men do" so let's take it also brag that "Men can do what women do" so it's just fair that men should be considered also.  Though we all know, if everyone would agree, that none can outdo the other.  Both are created equally but also equally different in many ways.

Perhaps companies and advertiser should start considering the different side of Dads and not focus on the odd things that most Dads do.  So if ever they would read this it would be great for Dads to have activities with their family, especially for those who are full time SAHD.  Bragging and telling something about parenting or kids stuff is hard for Dads but it takes guts to do it, especially in a society where Dads are called "Under de Saya" (taking cover under the skirt of a female).
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