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Saturday, April 16

Daddy Day Care: Extreme Behavior

Kids today are becoming more impatient, super active, and highly motivated.  I'm not really sure if their behavior are being affected by the milk that they are drinking.  According to what I have observed from kids, preschoolers and toddlers, which are mostly children of relatives and friends, they do show signs of this behaviors.  Most of these kids are not really breast fed.  They are the products of formulated milks.   I'm not really familiar with some biological terms with regards to ingredients of formulated milk but I commonly found the ingredients of sugars and taurine in some of those formulated milks.  I just don't know if there are studies about the effect of taurine and sugars to kids.

I just don't know where I have heard about the effect of taurine but its effect is somewhat makes the kids more impatient in all the things that he/she do.  They wanted to get their activity done as fast as possible and if that puzzle is not solved in a matter of time, kids do get impatient.  While the sugars, as we all know provide nutrients to our bodies and at the same time makes us very much active and respondent to any activity around us.   Whether this is true or incorrect, still, parents should always look into the labels of what are the ingredients of foods and beverages that we provided to our kids.  I remember recently that there was an accident happen in one of the known restaurant in the US of A.  They accidentally served a slight amount of alcohol to a toddler.

Now with regards to my son, well, I think we have provided him some formulated milk that don't have taurine (I think).  For the reason that he is not impatient with some puzzle matters but showing extremely super active.  His favorite thing to do when in an open area is to run around and around.  He doesn't care if he slide or trip off while running.   I think he would go for running more than hour.  Another thing about his extreme behavior is that he's showing signs of being OC (Obsessive-Compulsive).  He would really try to make things in order whenever he wanted and sometimes he don't even care cleaning his mess.  It's really hard to explain to them that this are the things that they need to do for the day.  Another extreme behavior that Maki shows is that he wanted to be independent in most of what he is doing.
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