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Saturday, April 16

Daddy Yashiro Reached 100 Followers

Yes! After having been online for almost three years now my blog has finally reached its 100 followers in Google Friend connect.  It's an achievement for this blog.  I remember during the first few months of this blog, it was totally zero.  Zero Google Friend connect followers!  It was after its first year that it started getting followers.   So, I would like to give thanks to all those who followed me through Google Friend connect.  You have made this blog worth something to read.
I would like also to take this opportunity to invite other bloggers, friends, and readers who would like to share their blessings by becoming one of the sponsors.  This blog will be celebrating its 3rd Year Blogoversary and also will be celebrating for the birth of our Second Son.   So, if there are interested bloggers, friends, and readers who would love to be one of the sponsors just send me a message through twitter or facebook, comment here, or email me at

I'll be waiting for any response and pledges until May 20, 2011.  I'll be posting the invitation banner later just have to finish some things to do today...It's Daddy's Day Care today.
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