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Friday, April 29

Free Dating Site Referred To A Friend

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of luvfree for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.


When I have read this dating site there are two names that came into my mind, the two names were once my officemates and still friends at present.  I will not mention their names or their nicknames on this post to give respect to their privacy.  I think, though I didn’t mention their names here on this blog post, I am sure that most of our friends would definitely know who they are.   Yes they are the bachelors of that company.  At this point, I couldn’t really tell any reason why they are still single.  Though their ages had already exceeded the number of days of a month in a calendar they’re not worried at all.  Perhaps they are enjoying their life as a single. 

 Anyway, since I’m here already with the site I might as well review it before I nudge it to them.  So, what was the site?  The site was called the  It is a free online dating site which allows you to look and search for a partner to be or just simply scout around for any potential bride want to be.  Aside from you searching, you’ll also get a chance to be searched by other people when you provide simple information. 

The site is quite easy to navigate around and find links that you were looking for.   If compare to it is perhaps or most likely shows some similarities in the way of getting a partner but there’s a pretty huge difference when it comes to accessibility and design of the website.  It's like comparing a star to a not so star.  Perhaps a little more improvement on the design and outlook of the webpage but in totally I would definitely refer it my bachelor friend.  

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