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Sunday, May 8

Dad Watched Pacquiao vs Mosley

Just watched another Pacman’s fight through live streaming, a link provided by my Ninong.  Though the connection was a bit hanging still it’s good that we were able to enjoy watching the fight and besides it’s just free.  A big thanks to that we were able to watch the fight.

Here are some of the print screen of the fight of Pacman and Mosley.


image  image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image

While we were watching my son, Maki, was also with us and of course having him watched the fight is something that Moms and Dads should always look into because they might mimic the boxing.  So, I told my son not to do that with the other kids, it’s not good.

I think I would like to watch the replay because there are some parts that I missed.  Another victorious fight for Manny “Pacman” Paquiao and also another pride because Charice Pampangco did the National Anthem with was nicely done.

So did you watch the fight?  What was your reaction about it?

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