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Wednesday, April 6

House for Rent

My sister and her husband are trying to find a house as much as possible near to our place in Quezon City. Specifically near to our parent’s house. Since they already have son that needs to be taken care of they really would like a house that is near. Though they are going to get a nanny for their son, still, it is better to have the parents near the place to look after the nanny and the baby. You really couldn’t tell what might happen.

They have tried scouting for a nearby house or apartment that they can rent or rent-to-own. Unfortunately, they did not find anything. They waste their time by roaming around without any specific lead to where they can find a very good and available place. So to make the long story short they ended up searching for the houses on online classifieds. At least their shoe’s sole won’t wear off that fast.
ayosditoSo, we looked for available houses in a specific location but we couldn’t find much in Quezon City. The problem we got with searching on their site is that their locations are limited. They only show it by regions like NCR, Central Luzon, and the like. I just hoped that they could at least make it narrower and provide a specific location like Quezon City. So we clicked the NCR and hoped to find houses in Quezon City area. Unluckily we couldn’t find any that are near to our parent’s house, all that we can find mostly are houses and room for rent in Makati, Mandaluyong, and Pasig. Maybe it’s about time that they rethink of what they are going to get. It is more of a plan B rather than sticking to plan A which was a failure.

At least we were able to look on online classifieds if there are available houses for rent in the area. Online classifieds like makes it much easier to look for available houses for rent. We don’t have to move from one place to another just to see if there are houses for rent in a specific place. I remember before that you really have to look in broadsheet ads or in some postings in local areas just to find what you are looking for.

Well, up to now they haven’t found any that suits their needs. Though there are some that are near but the cost of rental is somewhat not appropriate for the house they are renting. It’s really hard to find house for rents that are really good and accommodating. Sometimes I wish that I have an extra lot with a big house or apartment so that I could venture in house for rent. One of my officemate before does this idea of how to rent a room in your house. He told me that since they are also renting and the house is big enough for his family he tried to accept bed spacers. I think he got two or three bed spacers after posting his ads to Now, he pays only half the price of the rentals.

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