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Saturday, May 7

World Blogger’s Day Celebrated

I didn't know that there was a celebration of World Blogger's Day, not until last week.  There was a post in a blog community about World Blogger's Day.  Since I'm just starting to come out of my shell and I wanted some good exposure in the blogosphere, I checked in the site and put my name on the RSVP of the event confirming that I'll be attending.  Of course there are other commitments that I planned before the event just to make the day worth it.
The day came, which of course I did some of the planned activities but not nearly everything. I went to the event and was surprised that there was almost no one there. So I was kind of confused if I did get the right information. I checked the information, rented in an internet cafĂ© because I don’t have any laptop (yet!), and found out that I was in the right place. Look around and noticed that there were some that are lurking around the area. Anyway I still waited, hoping to find some familiar faces. Unfortunately, none seems to register.

Finally, I’ve noticed that there were some people already sitting on the chairs behind the tables. There were card boards that say BLOGGER’S AREA. So I went there and talk to the people sitting behind the tables. Few more minutes, other bloggers came and few more minutes the organizer came (Peace Az!), it was Azrael of AzraelsMerryLand. He spearheaded the celebration in Manila area while others do their celebration in Cebu.
worldbloggersday1 worldbloggersday2
The World Blogger’s Day celebration is quite different from the usual events that I have attended, commonly there are invited speakers talking about the theme of the celebration but on this particular event it’s different. Azrael made a very interesting twist, instead of us listening to talks of invited speakers we, the attendees, became the speakers. It’s more of an intimate discussion, giving the privilege to all the bloggers especially to newbie to exhale some words out of their thumping heart.
worldbloggersday4 worldbloggersday3
The World Blogger’s Day is themed as “The Roles of Bloggers”. The big group discussion revolved around the theme, making each and everyone explain how they became a blogger, why they became a blogger and their roles as a blogger. It was a fruitful discussion though sometimes there are distractions.

This is the first time that I attended an event in Araneta Cubao. I remember when I was still a kid my parents use to bring me here. We watch movies, play games in the carnival which was the main attraction during its high time, and we do shopping. When it comes to shopping good value shoes we would always go to Shoe Mart. That was what we commonly call SM during that time.
worldbloggersday6 worldbloggersday5
SM City Cubao Cyberzone Area is the venue for the World Blogger’s Day and they did provide a good area for the bloggers to convene. Another good perks at SM City is their free WiFi which is great for those bloggers who have brought their laptops and as for me, I’ll be having a laptop very soon. Hehehe! Of course an event would usually have food and it was graciously provided by Mang Inasal branch inside SM City Cubao. Bloggers have their moment of networking while having an early dinner at Mang Inasal branch.worldbloggersday7
I think it was common that first celebration doesn’t always come with a bang but first time has always its mark in history specifically the blogging history in the Philippines.
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